Too Soon? Ryan Dunn Done

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    RIP if zach

    Ryan was annoying. The only guy on jackass I hated.

    Steve-0 was just stupid. Not enough to hate though.


    Steve-o has a tatoo of himself on his full back –

    Theres some things in life you can only respect if the person doesn’t have an ego – but having a humorous full tatoo of yourself on your back isn’t one of them, it’s instant cool/respect, I can’t think of anything that would diminish it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Man I with it was Zach Galafinakis that died.


    OK. He’s dead, move on.

    NEWS FLASH: One of two things will happen in your life, everyone you know will die, or you will first. Accept that and move the fuck on. Yes, I still can’t believe that Michael Jackson is dead, but I’m still amazed Ozzie is still alive. Who gives a fuck. This guy was an idiot and Darwin was watching.

    nb4 shitstorm.


    sounds like a personal problem.


    really. check back when your mom dies douche.


    Was that guy your mom?


    Attended a bar trivia competition in DC last night. There was a trivia team called “Ryan Dunn, Well Done.” The crowd growned when the team’s name was read off. On the positive side, no team names based around Representative Anthony Weiner. Yippee!


    The Porsche 911 GT3 is a very unforgiving car.


    Fuck that guy. Sucks his stupidity and irresponsibility had to kill someone else…


    Fuck that guy. Sucks that his stupidity and irresponsibility had to kill someone else…

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