Things that cause rape

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    things this women is not doing:
    blowing me
    keeping her mouth shut


    things you’re not being:


    I thought it was funny

    negative Nancy


    I actually would like to know if circumstances have ANY impact on rapists picking targets.


    Statistically most sexual assaults happen among close family and friends. So try to not have any family or friends.


    Great, now we just need to decide if that’s because of proximity or incestuous lust.


    I’m betting on a proximity.

    Alec Dalek

    I think if they took a good look at the statistics, they’d find a strong correlation between insecure guys coming into contact with slutty women (ie women that are cock-teases, dress slutty, and drink too much). It’s not justification, but there is a definite connection.


    I wanted to say


    then i realized you didn’t type


    um, how will i indicate in the future that I may have partaken of the alcohol?

    I suggest the bubbles thingy: “0Ooo”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Rapists don’t cause rape. When raping they are raping and it is the operative verb. The cause of rape is still the same: jews.


    And I loled.


    Another Trollerific comment from the Butthead


    hey i thought it was clever.. haters gonna hate


    Bitch shoulda just said yes


    The last option is blacked out and thus removed.

    So yea, getting shit-faced while wearing stickers over your nipples and shaking your ass in front of some dude you have no intention of fucking…
    …will probably get you fucked.


    The real question is the difference between an explanation and a justification.


    I’d envision both as an attempt to provided factual information. The first is just providing information, the second is trying to escape the persecution/prosecution that the provision of said information may imply.


    I guess you’ve moved past pick-up lines.

    Alec Dalek

    I think it’s cute that some women think they have a “right” to be cock-teases with absolutely no consequences. That someone their “rights” protect their human nature from other peoples human nature.


    I’ll remember that the next time a 90 year old woman gets raped in the elevator of her apartment building. She was probably a cock tease. It’s the sexy orthopedic shoes and ankle socks

    Alec Dalek

    You fail at logic. No 90 year old will ever be able to tease a single cock.


    Someone who understands logic wouldn’t make a statement like that.

    After all, there’s someone out there with a fetish for whatever you can think of.


    Not this shit again.


    I’d hit that.


    As much as I’d like to believe that getting trashed and grinding up on a guy while scantily clad would certainly add to her chances of failing to prevent that scenario, the only inclination I would have in that situation is to sit back and mull over all the reasons I think she’s a piece of trash – so even in the worst case scenario, I have to agree with her sign (begrudgingly.)

    The one thing that movement needs is some better freakin’ slogans.


    *Casefag mode*GUYS GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION *Casefag mode*

    What do you think about the guy presumably holding the sign that says:”Real men say no”. I want to know what you guys think about this. What do you think his motives are?

    Alec Dalek

    Personal justification for his complete failure to get none.


    That’s “real men take no for an answer” –
    mostly because real men know how to get women to say “yes”
    Scumbags take “no” because it’s the best they’re gonna get


    He is looking for a yes that night or else he will give up and try another angle………………..maybe rape?

    Glib Satirical Remark

    Rapists Rape. It’s just what we do.
    Rappers Rap, Writers Write … its not a very clever sign.
    Things like flirting, the outfit your wearing, even your state of inebriation affect your risks. Just like I wouldn’t walk around with $5,000 in cash in my hand, then be mad when I got mugged. You can ask for it …


    Because such is the way of the world.
    It’s foolish and dangerous to imply to these girls that there’s nothing that can be done to possibly prevent or defer because “hurr men are rapists and rapists rape durr”.

    Alec Dalek

    Most likely they are trying to convince themselves of this the most. They think they’re popular, rather than just their vaginas.


    “Things that rape – rapists.”
    About cause, we had a a shitstorm “discussion” before, so I add only this – someone who dress like a slut, acts like a slut is threated like a slut. Nothing strange about it. That said, if a guy hears for the second time: “No”, he should do a 180, and walk away.


    Morons and teenagers treat a woman like a slut.

    Alec Dalek

    Or another way of putting it: insecure guys

    Thanks, you’re right.


    I hold two opinions on rape and who is responsible for what.
    1. No matter what, if one party says no and the second person continues, that’s rape. Men, protect yourself; date rape is bad news for both of you. Being drunk excuses nothing.
    2. Women, there are things you do that make it more, or less, likely to be raped. Watch what you wear, who is around you and where you go. If you’re clubbing and wearing less than an actual prostitute, get a cab when you leave. Do NOT walk around at 3am in the part of town where most clubs are. Club wear is only appropriate at a club. Know exactly where you are and who your with and keep your drink with you. Legally you are not responsible in any way if you are raped, but I’m assuming you don’t actually want to be raped. Being drunk excuses nothing.

    Apropos of nothing, I read a news story (local) about a guy being questioned for soliciting a prostitute. He was observed pulling over for a young woman, talking, then handing over some money. It turns out that the “prostitute” was his 12 year old daughter and he was giving her money to spend. When you can’t tell the difference between a “tween” and a hooker, you need to start questioning what you let your little girl wear in public.


    She left this off her Things That Cause Rape list:
    [ ] Holding Signs of Things That Cause Rape

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