True Blood Season 4

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    Not really into these girly twighlight esq. tv shows. Give me more Breaking Bad.

    tiki god

    I’m assuming you haven’t actually seen any episodes of TRUEBLOOD, cause it’s about as far away from Twilight as you can get.


    saying you don’t like the sookie stackhouse books \ true blood series because of twilight is like saying you don’t like metal because of christian rock.
    For a more specific comparison you can look on that soap opera The Tudors, and the awesome Game of Thrones. Both of them deal with court politics and yet the Tudors sucks gay cocks while the Game of Thrones scores more ego then duke nukem.


    I murdered breaking bad, I got all 3 series at the same time and I had the flu – watched em like 4 at a time at first then pairs every day – fooking superb.

    No idea about true blood – my bro said its good/worth watching but some gut wrenchingly shit cheesy moments that make you question what you are watching. I’ll happily give it a miss, have to try get hooked on wire next after three friends who love breaking bad said they prefered the wire.