German plane

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    Well it’s got German colours but it’s still an American plane..


    “The Flying Coffin”, I thought I recognize it.

    Clayton Brannon

    You are right it is a F-104 Starfighter. I worked with German Air Force back in the late 60’s at Memmingen AFB in southern Germany. They carried tactical nuclear weapons in the event of war. We had 5 of them on alert 24 hours a day. There are very few countries that can afford to build their own planes thus they are bought from the United States or another country such as Great Britain or Sweden.


    You worked in the Luftwaffe…

    … and yet don’t know that: a) that’s a F-104G b)german F-104s never carried nukes c)they were licence-built in Germany


    Wow – it’s been ages since I listened to this. I need to go find it – stat.


    Ive got it locked on already, you hu, you want me to push the button?