This reminded me of a lot of episodes of Cops I’ve watched lately. It would be racist if it wasn’t accurate.

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    Oh, great.




    Got news for ya, slick: it’s still kinda racist.


    This must be an old comic. People haven’t worn their hair in straight corn rows for years now.


    Well to be PC it would have helped if the Cops hadn’t been white.
    Storm, I still see some people with hair like that, men and women, everyday downtown.


    I know- it was a joke. But I have noticed that most corn rows are done with some kind of design now- not just rows going straight back.


    Society has given minorities of all types a veritable “get out of jail free” card. It’s human nature to take advantage of whatever you’re given. If I was indicted for the gigs of downloaded music I have, and I could cry “racism” or.. More accurately: “nerdism,” you better believe I’d do it if I thought it would get me out of paying for it. That being said, yeah.. this is kinda racist AND kinda true. Sucks, don’t it? To be balance it out, we need a comic about white guys screwing you out of every cent you will ever have… Read more »

    casemods UID# 667

    tl;dr no honor/dignity/responsibility for your own actions.


    MCS is onto White Supremacy now? Wow, now I actually miss all the Tea Party trolling.

    casemods UID# 667

    The internet is into White Supremacy, faggot. 1488


    Says the scared kid in the suburbs. But only when he’s on the Internet, of course.


    I don’t like the message of this picture.

    A society shouldn’t treat criminals as the criminals would treat their victims (Suck it, Jesus). Surely we’re better than that?

    Even an alleged criminal’s rights matter; remember this as they drag you off to jail for downloading that Justin Beaver song that you were too embarrassed to buy.


    “A society shouldn’t treat criminals as the criminals would treat their victims (Suck it, Jesus). Surely we’re better than that?”

    His wrists being pinched a bit is the same as the bloody murder scene in the cartoon?

    And it appears there is plenty of reasonable suspicion for this guy to be dragged off to jail. No rights violated as far, again, as this cartoon goes.


    Is there really a point answering your misunderstandings? You never stick around.

    Do I really have to explain what is implied in this cartoon?


    She’s a lot less fun than Magnus.


    Bieber. Justin Bieber.


    Tell me when this has ever happened.


    Can someone explain racist to me? What makes this cartoon racist?
    Where is the racial prejudice or discrimination? Where is the racial superiority or inferiority in this image?

    casemods UID# 667

    You obviously don’t know much about black culture!


    Racism/prejudice/discrimination/stereotyping/profiling. It all means the same thing in our culture. This is seen as bad simply for the fact that it’s a negative portrayal of someone that happens to be a minority. Whether the sentiment is right or wrong, it’s the immediate conclusion of just about everyone who sees something like this. This would be a completely different discussion if everyone in the picture was portrayed as the same race, any race.


    I think intent matters as well.


    This would be more accurate if it was about a white banker stealing a middle class families money. No cops. Just the banker getting a raise while the bank gets saved by the government.

    Usually when cops put cuffs on really tight. The criminal deserved it. This cartoon is pretty stupid.


    But it’s good confirmation bias for the jizz-crusted Alex Jones fans of the world.


    what makes y’all raciest isn’t the fact that you justify the police officer hurting the black man, but the fact you assume the black man was not a bystander or a victim that just had his good shirt all bloodied up ’cause some nigga’ just blow the brains of that clerk right next to him and made a run for it. hell, maybe that black dude went all hero and pulled that knife – he just bought for eating his watermelon and drinking some hard liquor in a fine Thursday afternoon – to defend himself 😀 Clarification: To those not… Read more »

    I love all the douchebags in here on the moral high road saying its racist and white supremacists are big bad boggie men etc and they’re everywhere yet if you were walking down the street and 3 black guys walked up to you you would shit your pants.


    hahaha! MCS is such a beautiful language..


    When I was a kid, mom and me were in town to get groceries, in southern France, when she said, paraphrasing It’s strange too walk down a street, see black men and no one crosses the street.


    I’ve seen white cops tackle an unarmed black perp, punch the shit out of him, press down on his chest til he stopped moving and then shoved him into a squad car leaving a pool of blood on the floor.

    Fuck you all for thinking cries of brutality stem from this weak shit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What was he running for? Probably for something horrible and I bet he started out with a gun.

    Cops suck but niggers are WAY worse.


    I want to meet you so bad. You have no idea. You have no idea how much fun it would be to watch you act like this live.

    Of course there’s the possibility you don’t exist and you’re just someone’s troll account. Bummer.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its not that I have no idea so much as I don’t give a shit.

    Are there even any black people in whatever little wee nothing town you wallow in?


    I was about to ask you the same question.


    I spent the last 6 months in San Diego, so yeah.


    Your point?


    I don’t doubt that you’ve seen such a thing. (Ok.. I kinda doubt it… But only because most of us here rarely leave our respective chairs, much less witness a brutal beat down, cop-style.) Viewing cops as human beings though… What would you want to do if you just saw someone beat the crap out of someone (presumably innocent), try to injure you on the way by, then run from you when you try to stop him? You’d want to beat him down too; it’s human nature. (I said stop resisting, you dickwipe! *Commence beat-down) The shocking thing is that… Read more »


    >episodes of Cops I’ve watched lately


    It’s just another drop in the “people will be people” ocean. Dickheads abusing their job as a cop, dickheads abusing their rights. Not very complex is it.


    This cartoon is completely racist. And anyone who doesn’t see this
    after some examination is either an idiot, self-delusional, or a troll.
    Why didn’t the “artist” just say “I hate [n-word]s” and be done with it.

    Trosley gets away with these racists cartoons for Hustler, because next
    to tits, white guys jerking off in trailer parks like nothing more than a good n-joke.


    I guess that nothings ever good enough, is it!


    This is the coolest picture EVER. It sums up American culture in so many ways.