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    ^ Did he really deserve to get downvoted because of that?


    Bandwagon. Roll with it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Why make a strawman argument? I don’t think anyone would disagree. I don’t even know who the second picture is.

    Rebecca Romijn

    Anyone who has ever actually gotten laid.


    Why? Because way too many women starve themselves to death or lock themselves into yo-yo dieting hell thinking that men will find them more attractive if they look like the one on the right.


    Men will find them more attractive, at least most men. Fatso on the left is not ‘curvy’ she is fat, unhealthy and easily 40lbs overweight. The right picture was simply taken at an unflattering moment, she is not super skinny, her chest is great and you cannot see her ribs, she is healthy not anorexic. Too many fat people try and make excuses, but that is all they are, excuses.

    Ductile Logistics



    Maybe. I forgot to say that attractiveness comes down to personal preference. I simply find the girl on the left completely unattractive.

    No he’s right. You’re just a dumbass.


    rykocolor, you really need to learn more about human physiology.

    You’re conflating what you find attractive with fitness. That’s dangerously ignorant, my friend.

    The woman on the right is not fit. She’s anorexic.


    I find fitness attractive, not only on a looks level but on a personality level because that is important to me and I like girls who also feel that way. I am not sure why you find that ignorant.

    The woman on the right is not anorexic, I am confused as to why you think that. Do tell? Again, you cannot see her bones on her arms/shoulders, or her ribs, and you can barely see her collarbone or hipbone.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Don’t worry about him. I genuinely suspect he’s either mentally ill or he went full retard.


    Hey, when are you going to start claiming you know the contents of secret government documents again?


    rykocolor, you can see her ribs. They’re protruding from her side. If you can see her ribs in profile, that means she has very little fat or muscle tissue. Most notable is you tried to point out bones that are obscured bey shadow, and you tried to discount the visible bones that are sticking out. If you’re curious, what led me to believe she’s anorexic is her physique. She has no mass or shape, but her skin is still tight, showing undeveloped muscle and bones. This is actually a pretty good indication someone is undernourished. rykocolor, you’re really doing a… Read more »


    Uhm, now who is the one nitpicking about shadows? I also doubt it is a disservice(since when was I in the service?) to woman. I like skinny, in shape woman, not fat girls…hell, I don’t even like average girls, I like girls that are in shape because they are fit. This girl isn’t a great example. it is simply a terribly picture of her. Being fat is what is destructive, and disgusting, being fat and never being called out on it is the true disservice to woman, or people in general.


    “Uhm, now who is the one nitpicking about shadows?”

    What the fuck are you implying?


    I am implying that you are trying to make shadows out to be bony protrusions -which they are not.


    Reading comprehension fail.

    I didn’t do that. Re-read my post and come back when you understand what I said.


    I actually prefer the skinny, un-shopped girl to miss thunderthighs who is obviously shooped, and has fat tits. I am so tired of people trying to say it’s ok to be that size, it isn’t. Fatty on the left looks to be about 40lbs over weight if not more, just look at her legs, arms, and chest. All fat. Skinny girl is yes, a wee bit on the skinny side but look at her tummy, you cannot see her ribs, and her tits are very well developed and not small, she just happens to be bending her knees, which causes… Read more »

    Ductile Logistics

    I know you’re just trying to troll but….

    That one on the left is Marilyn Monroe. Those aren’t thunder thighs, they’re gorgeous. Photoshop didn’t exist before she died. Women are supposed to have about 20% body fat, so that they can have healthy babies and milk.

    Rakes aren’t sexy.


    Actually I am not trying to troll. The one on the left is fat, she has very large thighs, her chest is fat and so are her arms. The one on the right was again, just an unflattering moment, you do not see her ribs or bones, you see her muscles on her legs. She is not anorexic, she is fit. The woman on the left, regardless of who she is or her attractiveness(lack thereof to me) she is over weight but at least 40lbs.

    Ductile Logistics

    Define overweight


    Well, to me overweight is a medical term. The point at which someones weight begins to noticeably affect their health in an adverse way. The woman on the left looks overweight to me, I am betting that if a doctor were to take a look she most likely has increased risk for certain types of heart disease and other problems. When talking about attractiveness though I do understand it comes to personal preference. I am completely un-attracted to the girl on the left, while the girl on the right is probably beautiful if she was posing like the girl on… Read more »


    rykocolor, you do realize it’s more dangerous to be 40 pounds underweight than 40 pounds overweight, especially for shorter people?


    Yes, I do realize it’s more dangerous to be 40 pounds underweight than 40 pounds overweight. You do realize I didn’t say girls should be 40 pounds underweight, or even 10 pounds underweight? I am not advocating girls should be skinny as hell or underweight, only that woman- nay, people should be healthy. The woman on the right is NOT anorexic, she is skinny yes, but most likely due to cardio than to an eating disorder.

    You do realize to be 40lbs underweight you’d need to cut off your legs?

    , did, you, pass, grade 7 , English , , >?

    My last comment was to sambo78 (the guy who loves dick but is whining about women and body image) of course.


    Is this where you start criticizing correct grammar again, mags?

    I really like your thread on the forum, where you use a correct sentence as an example of an incorrect sentence.

    I really owe you thanks, troll boy. You spit out easily refutable garbage every time we talk. You make it too easy for me. I really should buy you alcohol next time I’m in Canadia.


    The difference between these two girls is too much for an (A) and (B) preference comparison. There’s a happy medium between them that I find to be more attractive than either.

    Show me (A)-and-a-Half-but-not-quite-(B) and we’ll see if the preferred choice remains the same.

    That, or we could just find someone with muscle tone as opposed to skeletor over there for our example of thin…



    Alec Dalek

    ^ This guy gets it.


    I came here to say I’d fuck ’em both (given the chance & the requisite time machine). Both at the same time did not occur to me. I bow before your awesomeness, sir.



    We have a winner!!


    All hail casetroll and his new avatar!!!!


    You’re kidding, aren’t you ?


    HEY GUYS!!!! I AM POSTING IN CAPS LOCK!! FUCKING CRUISE CONTROL BITCHES (now that i have your attention) To be correct the real society prefers women who is basically in the middle of these two as what “anonymoose” is trying to say. The problem is that women will always go where the money is, which evidently leads to attention. These big fashion corporations decides it’s now art too look like a skeleton, bitches will follow. @Ductile Logistics: “Photoshop didn’t exist before she died.” This statement is correct! but clearly you haven’t won this argument. It doesn’t matter if it existed… Read more »


    It’s simply all about preference.
    Marilyn Monroe was one of the sexiest women of her time, and she was a size 14. Most of the sexy women today are around a size 1.
    Society manipulates what we think looks best, and no matter how many times you try and prove it wrong… it’s always just a matter of preference.


    Audrey Hepburn was also a veritable sex symbol in her day, trailing Marylin by just a few years in popularity, was highly admired by both men and women, had infinitely more class than that cellulite-ridden bleached skank on the left, and she was an elegant, beautiful, THIN, TRIM, SLIM woman. Audrey was an ideal. Monroe was a monument to excess, both in form and behaviour.


    Christina Hendricks seem to be pretty popular these days.

    Just saying.

    If you’re a desperate loser settling for fatties and claiming its your preference then you like the dead bitch on the left.

    If you are actually the kind of guy women are attracted to and have a thing called choice in who you fuck then obviously you’d go for the supermodel on the right they’ve picked a bad picture of on purpose.


    Compare fat to that.

    Thank you and good night.


    FUCK YES!!! I am new to commenting, didn’t realize you actually have to spell it out for most of the other people on here.


    No, we know what you’re saying. We just disagree with you.


    I know…I just feel that there is in fact such a thing as being healthy in a factual way. The girl on the right is probably the exact right weight for her, perhaps a pound or two underweight but still healthy on the BMI scale -I know many, many girls who look just like her, eat as much as I do if not more, but workout everyday like a healthy person would. You confuse anorexia with working out, caring a bit about how you look, and being healthy -something most people seems to struggle with. Whereas the girl on the… Read more »


    Since you mentioned BMI I thought I would look it up.
    Rebecca Romijn, (the one on the right) has a reported mass of 56kg and a height of 1.78m. This puts her at a BMI of 17.9, which is underweight. {16 < BMI < 18.5}
    Monroe's reported mass was 54.4kg and a height of 1.66m, yielding a BMI of 19.75. At her heaviest during her depression she was 63.5 kg for a -peak- BMI of 23.0
    Normal healthy BMI is 18.5 to 25. This puts Monroe virtually dead center in the "healthy" BMI range.

    Alec Dalek

    Magnus & Storminator are the backbone of this place and can always set the kiddies straight. Just watch out for Casefags and Reboot, they’re like on crack or something. Me, I just like trolling the trolls.


    haha yea, I have actually been looking at this website for years, but only recently did I feel my English was good enough to actually partake of the discussion. I like Magnus & Storminator, I even think casemods or whatever is kinda funny, and often right even though people don’t want to admit it!


    i want to see how long you will think highly of Magnus…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You worship me like a pasty God.


    You should start doing something you’re good at instead.

    The woman in those pictures literally doesn’t exist. She’s about as real as the cat people from Avatar. It’s vaguely based on a real woman, but the real woman is a bag of bones, with liposuction scars and a permanent smell of the guy from Full House.


    Marilyn Monroe measurements were recorded by her dressmaker as 36-23-37 and sometimes fluctuated between that and 36-24-37.

    Rebecca Romijn measurements in 1998: 35B – 24 – 35.

    Just bad pictures of both,


    I don’t know what those numbers mean


    Inches around (bust:waist:hips). Romjin is also 5 inches taller than Monroe.


    thanks, back to fapping
    ps you have a high uid, lurk more


    I’ve been lurking for years. Just finally said something a couple months ago.


    You all seem to be missing the point – it’s not a choice. If you like chubbies, chase chubbies – if you like skinnies, chase skinnies.

    If you like chubbies and I like skinnies – everyone wins!
    If everyone liked just one kind of partner there would be a LOT of unhappy people in the world.


    The problem is the horrible, sometimes fatal things young girls do to themselves thinking they aren’t good enough unless their BMI is below 18.


    This is my point exactly, but you’re saying it much better than I was.

    casemods UID# 667

    No need for all this discussion.

    jchip8 is simply a:

    chubby chaser

    fat herself

    husband/boyfriend/brother/father/son of a fat woman

    unable to get healthy girls, so he posts images like this to trick other fat people into thinking this is what “real” women should look like.

    The first picture is a fucking cow.

    The second picture is an anorexic chick.

    Neither are attractive.


    Pot to kettle “you are black”.


    You know societies gotten pretty sad when Marilyn Monroe is considered a ‘cow’. Literally the most famous sex symbol of all time.

    She was 5’5’, and about 118-140 pounds. The ideal/normal/healthy weight for a 5’5 woman is 113-149 pounds. (Its amazing how much 3 minutes on Google will help an argument.)

    So she was actually completely normal, and healthy.


    Neither is attractive.

    I like my women naturally fit. Not anorexic skinny, but fit and healthy.


    See numbers 2 and 3. Fit and thin. THATS what is attractive in my mind.


    Agreed, preferably #2


    3, 4 and 8 are my typical types with the occasional 5 if she carries it well. 2 and 9 are also fine if it is carried well, but it is definitely pushing it, and maybe 1 if she is short. … Aw hell… I guess I just generally like most women…


    Woah, strong opinions on this subject. People are people. Some love food a little too much and some enjoy throwing up food.

    Personally, I like a woman that likes to eat, enjoys working out and has a personality. I know personality… LOL Nice butt helps too.


    Stop being so modest at start calling people names or you’re a little bitch ninja.

    In all seriousness though, I’m a butt man myself. That probably explains why I don’t like the skinny girls.


    Skinny girls can have nice shapely butts, they just don’t usually have tatas. By skinny I am not talking about “hey check out my rib cage cus I don’t eat” skinny.


    Stop doing that or we might have a rational discussion here.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    We all know you’re a butt man and you don’t like girls.


    We don’t even know that sambo is a guy.

    You might have mistakenly called someone a heterosexual.

    (You will never live that down).


    There are no girls on the internet.


    Your deep homophobia indicates that you’re more than likely gay.

    Are you gay, Magnus? It’s ok. I won’t judge you.


    Meh…. attraction is subjective.

    I like ’em all different shapes and sizes.. variety is the spice right!?

    No fatties though, I draw the line at sleeping with anyone that weighs more than me.


    I am shocked an amazed that magnus actually posted in this threat, not once, but on several occasions

    adrian wallace

    poor buggers id take both home to make them warm


    I likes my women to be female and human. that said, Ians link. 3,4,5 seem to be my pref, I have tied it on with one girl that fell in the 9 on that index…. fun but ouch she could clamp down.


    Valkyrie thinking:
    I’ll draw my mace and it’s an instakill to the skeleton for 1d2 bludgeoning.
    though i suspect piercing or slashing should work just as well…

    p.s: who gives a shit about health ?! one looks fun and fuckable, the other looks like she’ll break her hip the minute you’d touch her.


    I just want to state for the record that Monroe-era size 14 is equivalent to today’s size 6. And she had plenty of plastic surgery so the comparison to Stamos is just silly really.