france surrenders

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    if it where France, there would be no resistance.

    Why did the French plant trees on their streets?

    So the Germans can walk in the shade.

    Testing times

    German grammar Nazi says – were and not where


    Trees on sides of roads are from Napoleon Ier…try some research next time. And at least, before being wrong try aswell to write correctly, crétin.


    RIGHT! Oh wait, no, not right. WW1 the french were in the bloodiest battle of the war with the Germans. WW2 France did the smart move, not the cowardly move. Only ignorance would make someone think the French are weak people who wouldn’t resist.


    Right oh wait! Genocide Blood Bath on Native Americans that are well known to have no guns…Sir, your country is 200 years old and is only known for is genocide (less than 100 years ago),slavery, segregation (afro americans less than 60 years ago, more or less still active with Natives) the country with the higher rates of friendly fire during wars. Plus, your country signed for a 2 years contract of training with the French Army in Guyane. You did 3 weeks. And before talking about WW, in wich we are grateful for your help, no doubts, try some research… Read more »


    “France did the smart move”??? What do you mean, they tried to fight off the Germans but had 2 problems. The British and Germans were essentially using WW1 gear, also the other problem was the french defences had gaping whole where they thought no one would attack and the Germans did.


    According to Niall Ferguson (historian), out of the 125 major European wars fought since 1495, the French have participated in 50 (more than Austria at 47 or England at 43), and out of 168 battles fought since 387 BC they have won 109, lost 49 and drawn 10. For most of history, the French army has been the largest, best equipped and most strategically innovative in Europe. The French even managed to enter Moscow under Napoleon (something even Hitler wasn’t able to do). It seems, if anything, the French have historically been more war-hungry than war-cowardly. People just don’t like… Read more »


    2003 called, they want their freedom fries, xenophobia and simplistic racial sterotypes back.




    Some people would argue that the French is not a race, but a whole other species.


    Yeah, but some people would also say that about Americans in order to disassociate themselves with stupid, ignorant playground bullies. How’s that for a racial stereotype?


    Not a race either, but sure.


    American Dad Reference ?


    No offense to any Americans on here, most of you’s here seem to be ok, with the definite exception of casefag, but most Americans are dumb-cunts, Sincerely – the most racist country in the world, Australia.

    Alec Dalek

    “I’m just saying we need a planet for the French and a planet for the Chinese…”


    1783 called, they want their military aide and liberty back.

    Alec Dalek

    But the French weren’t trying to help the colonies, they were trying to fuck with the British.


    Actually, both – the French wanted the colonies for trade and natural resources but the Brits locked them out. They also wanted to fuck with the British. Either way, if it wasn’t for the French the American colonies would have gotten their asses handed to them.


    Nice to see the smart ones are posting today.

    Merci !


    “2003 called,…” wait! did you warn them? about fukushima? no?!? you asshole!


    And then everyone got mad over a little joke…..for god sake who gives a shit?


    There was a special at the gun shop, genuine surplus French army rifles, certified to have only been dropped once..

    New French main battle tank, 1 speed forward 5 in reverse..