obama birth certificate

obama birth certificate

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    WTF is dis real?


    it’s a shop – I can tell from the pixels and having seen a lot of shops in my time


    It’s not a shop, but it is a repost.


    It also has words – major stumbling block for most Americans right there


    Oh please. Not this old Bullshit again!


    I downloaded a copy of this from the Whitehouse website. It was a PDF. When I opened it in Illustrator there were a lot of layers added to the original background. Just sayin’.


    OMG EXTRA LAYERS??? OH NOES? You should keep in mind most of the conspiracy theories about Obama work because slack jawed yokels understand what you’re talking about. If you talk about extra layers you’re just going to get blank stares. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll believe you, because all you really need to do is make up something that sounds bad and they’ll accept in at face value. But for it to really catch on you need to make it understandable to someone with a sub-high school comprehension level. Think about the teleprompter thing. It’s short, and doesn’t use any… Read more »


    Quite common with the way Acrobat converts scans into pdf documents.

    I know a Chinese guy who can get you one of those and a passport for 2 grand. Also just sayin.


    The funny part of this is that Obama couldn’t use this in most states now. Older birth certificates are too easy to forge, so many places that require them won’t accept them. I had to get my license renewed and the DMV wouldn’t accept my original birth certificate. I had to get a new one printed that had a state seal and a watermark on it. It said “Certificate of Live Birth” instead of birth certificate on it too. The irony of the whole thing is the birthers have been demanding the original long form document, which is easy to… Read more »