rule 4 – always keep a baseball bat in handy

rule 4 - always keep a baseball bat in handy

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    in handy

    Alec Dalek

    Young Anal Angels.


    I’d rather be “in handy” with a dark haired woman with big tits that only wears bikini tops.

    Luke Magnifico

    In handy? I that a thing now?


    you mean ‘thingy’?


    Rule #34: That baseball bat is going somewhere personal.

    teezy weezy

    Rule #A always remain a baseball bat upright.


    I understand that when you hit somebody in the head with blunt trauma they die from hemorrhaging (blood filling the cavity, putting pressure on the brain). But if zombies (dead ones at least) don’t use their circulatory system would anything other than severing their brain stem work when using a baseball bat?


    Dead zombies don’t really follow sound logic outside of the supernatural. Nothing without some means of circulatory function could really move itself.

    I prefer “infected people” zombies that feel no pain, but you can maim into ineffectiveness.


    The general lore of zombies is damaging the brain kills the zombie.

    If that’s true, then the nervous system must be used for something.

    Without nerves, the muscles don’t move.


    Inprefer I telescoping baton. Takes up less room and does more specific damage.

    Bats are for idiots

    Alec Dalek

    Do you ever stop crying alone in the dark long enough to think about the future you don`t have coming you failure at failing failure? You can`t even get 12 year olds to smile at you. Your only joy is the negative attention you can`t even savor.