Seven sins

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    It would have been more profound without the last line. Still powerful.


    That was kind of the point from the start, wasn’t it? Weren’t Adam and Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because, basically, they had become convinced they were god’s equal, and could handle his knowledge?

    Sin isn’t sin because it’s bad but, because it’s god’s modus operandi and he doesn’t like humans on his turf.

    Alec Dalek

    It never made any sense to me. Jesus H Dawkins, how can you blame them for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil if they didn’t have knowledge of good and evil? They had no way of knowing it was wrong until AFTER they ate the fruit. Either god is stupid or a total dick. This is just one of the many many ways the bible is it’s own the best argument against itself.


    Haven’t you guys all realized this yet?

    God just loves trolling.


    No he doesn’t, he doesn’t exist


    of course not, but when enough people invest into it with belief, then they create a character.

    and in my eyes, this character is a massive troll.


    Oh boy… Eve again. Lilith was the first woman. Christians know so little about their own religion.


    Not all denominations acknowledge Adams first wife.

    Alec Dalek

    Lilith was just further bullshit made up long after the original bullshit was written. There was no Lilith or biblical Eve. There was only Mitochondrial Eve and her forgotten suitors.


    …aaand you totally missed the entire point in order to spread propaganda and belittle others. You sound like you have hairy armpits.


    Sinning doesn’t mean you end up in hell when you die, it means you punish yourself while you are alive. Like karma. Like horrible self enforced karma.

    Most of the things on the list are things humans have done. The church want money? So God is greedy? Um… the CHURCH want money. Gods doesnt want money she’s fucking loaded. Seriously I saw him on cribs he has like 15 cars.

    God punishes people for not believing? Nope. Oh sorry the Bible says that? The Bible written by… Yes that one. Fuckin aye.

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