Accurate linux representation.

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    So you have tried ubuntu, amrite?

    Besides, religion-atheism trolling is easier, as it doesn’t need any logical arguments.


    Ubuntu, bt3, bt4, bt4r2, bt5, pentoo.

    Believe me. I know what I’m tap it about


    By your own admission all you do with your PC is play games so what the fuck would you know about it Cash?





    So you are using a very specific release of Linux to do penetration testing, a collection of tools for one type of job and yet you still use this picture? Nope, calling bullshit on you again. Idiot Cash trying to start another flame war with matches for ammunition but no talent for pyromania.


    This is how Case feels when he tries to fuck his 8 year old cousin. Apparently.


    I didn’t think my hidden messages were that apparent.


    I’d love to use Linux, but it’s too much of an investment of time to learn. Besides, the people that make the games I like want me to stick with Windows.

    It’s a shame, really.


    I generally use Linux for torrenting, watching movies, firefox and thunderbird.

    Windows 7 for gaming.

    Ubuntu has themes that mimmick windows, iirc.

    Linux is open source, and many times more stable than windows, security wise.


    Linux is more secure than windows… as long as you know what you are doing.

    If you are pentesting – I hope it is in a secure environment? Even virtualised environments can have leaks, especially when you send out automated gremlins to find security holes.

    Luke Magnifico

    If I want to tailor an OS for some very specific purpose, I use Linux, because it’s for tinkering with, that’s its job.

    If I want to go on Facebook and play Minecraft, I use windows, because it’s prettier and I have a more intuitive understanding of it due to its prevalence.

    Guess which one I use more often.


    Whatever apple tells you to use?


    i have been using linux for the past 12 years and have had comparitively little problems with it.

    my impression is that, in reality, linux would have all the slots filled with their appropriate shape blocks, and be asking if you want to also sort them according to size, weight and colour…

    the last windows computer i used was using W2K. i have never looked back, in spite of the common misconceptions about how “difficult” linux is to operate, and how “easy” windows is to operate.


    As much as I love me my Linux, I think a better analogy would be half a dozen different blocks of the same color that all look like they fit in the slot, but only one actually will, and you’re expected to “just know” which one goes where. That might sound like a bad thing, but given that Mac OS involves putting the blocks where nice Mr. Jobs tells you to AND NOWHERE ELSE and all the Windows blocks are broken and on fire, it’s actually pretty good. I’ve got a Linux file server in my closet that keeps all… Read more »


    true enough. but the analogy extends equally to windows, only with the russian reversal applied. That is:
    In Linux, you try put box in circle.
    In Windows, circle puts you in box!


    Russian Reversal always ends in “you”. In Windows, circle puts box in YOU.


    Sir/Madam, I stand corrected.


    I’m not gonna say I hate Linux and love Windows, but there is a steep learning curve that I’m not willing to take. By the time I have the time to actually learn how to use Linux, it’ll be when I don’t have a job. And even then, I’ll want to be entertained, not frustrated.


    If you wanna get something done use windows.

    If you wanna learn use linux. You will not get anything done without learning.

    You’ll be all like “why must I configure everything myself through textfiles?! why must I run all these massive commands with crazy switches?! I just wanna play minesweeper” – but then when you try to setup a reverse web proxy server – you’ll be all like “this is better than windows, this stuff just makes sense”


    That’s the thing, I’m not interested in how the computer will communicate to a server or how it even operates, otherwise I’d be a programmer. Why would I want to set up a reverse web proxy server? I just want to see cats with stupid captions as fast as possible.

    If I think of Minesweeper on Linux, I think that I have to MAKE the damn game.

    I don’t get why I got downvoted, I wasn’t dissing Linux, just stating a fact, it’s not a pick-up-n-play kind of thing.


    Totally man.

    Why would anyone want a reverse web proxy anyway?

    With linux you always end up sitting there, figuring out how to get WINE to run, and all of a sudden you think – fuckit, back to windows.

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