This girl.

My anti-drug.

Seriously though, what the fuck is wrong with you e-tards?

Sooo glad I never got into drugs, no matter what any of you may think.

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    Good for you, we still need boring people to take care of the office jobs. Ill go back to my freelance design job, thank you very much.


    Wow, you need chemical enhancement to do what some of us have natural in-born ability for?

    Luke Magnifico

    So you’re saying you rely on drugs to make it seem like you’re a cool guy?


    Never got into drugs? You have to be on drugs to post this shit!


    Fuck your logic.


    I wont go on a rant as if I’m trying to convince you, but I’ve really enjoyed MDMA (E without the random stimulants) in my life. Some amazing club nights/house parties/meeting like minded people(/girls)/festivals/Ibiza a couple of times, amsterdam vondle park/Amsterdam dance event, sonar etc etc etc…meeting really decent people. Not to mention the after parties with ambient music and a room full of bean bags/quilts/happy people! 😉 Part of the culture to an extent… This girls obviously gone a bit too far and has thrown speed in there for good measure though – hense the wired up to teeth… Read more »


    why does she remind me of someone from a max hardcore video?


    Lol… and now reminds several other people of that.


    Duyde, graham, your dad grows weed and you smoke fucking meth. Are you shitting me with this ” glad i never got into drugs” shit?


    sweet parrot, dude


    E and MDMA are friggin dumb if it didn’t grow out of the ground then its all bad. yeah that list includes coke too considering you cant do it until you do a whole bunch of refinement and cut it with sugar or flour.


    Tobacco vs Mdma… *shoos away to google*


    you do realize that weed is full of chemicals, and shit that isnt ‘natural’ too…you think the person growing the weed doesnt use any fertilizer? how about the water(standard tap water, think about the weed from mexico, no wonder you get the shits..) used, its full of shit too, which just go right into the plant…i hate when people say “weed is all natural” you dont have a clue whats all in the plant, due to growing conditions, and what not…a plant is mad

    During a recent interview with a Professor in the UK on radio 4, a chap called Prof David Nutt, he was sacked btw, made a damn good point, why criminalise one drug say weed for example and “force” people to chose another drug, in this case alcohol, simply because one is more socially acceptable is pure madness, especially when alcohol does more damage socially and health wise. So I laugh at people who say, hey you stoners are dumb I never take drugs, then they take a long sip of beer. People should be aware of what constitutes a drug… Read more »


    amen brah

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