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    So… what is the point of praying?

    Luke Magnifico

    You can’t expect someone to give you jam if you don’t ask for it.


    Moshe, a devoted Jew, who for many years prayed to God for a winning ticket in Lotto. After many years of prayers Moshe completely lost hope and started becoming cynical and bitter. Seeing this, one night God appeared to him in his dream and said: “But Moshe, give me a chance and just once buy the ticket!”


    Praying is like the IRS knocking on god’s door to let him know he’s behind on his jam payments. Of course, the dodgy bastard is halfway to Mexico by that point.


    If I was given everything I wanted/prayed for and didn’t have to earn it I wouldn’t cherish any of it. When I earn something, I have a better sense of it’s worth along with a sense of accomplishment for achieving it. If you got into Heaven regardless of what you did then what would be the point of being on Earth, why not just start life in Heaven? No you have to earn your way there through sacrifice, if its not worth your time to earn Heaven then its not worth Gods’ time to give it to you. Also you… Read more »


    Do starving children have to earn manna from heaven? Do they have to sacrifice?

    It’s clear that prayers aren’t answered at all.


    There is nothing disingenuous about a child praying that their family does not die of starvation, (and I am not implying that you are saying that it is) but yes they do need to sacrifice, its just that their sacrifice does not earn them manna. The gift of living a moral life isn’t that God sends you gifts here (Dear Korinthian, based on your performance please accept this Geo Metro – God), its that you die and go to Heaven. This is the hardest part to accept about many religions, the risk is incredible when the reward comes after death… Read more »


    So you’re saying that your god has no power to grant wishes in this life, or doesn’t want to.

    Man, you people are so gullible.

    I tell you what, if you make a monetary sacrifice to me, I will give you *anything* you want! *coughafteryou’redeadcough*

    But you’re right, it is hard to accept, especially if one’s brain is working.


    Anadin: nobody really cares about your private religion that you just make up as you go along.

    Unless you invent more interesting things (like Elron Hubbard).

    God helps those who help themselves.

    That’s as stupid as saying “God provides meals to those that go to the pizzeria”.


    To answer your question I mean doesn’t want to grant wishes.

    Your teachers in school dont stand over your shoulder making sure you pass the test and neither does God. God’s reward just happens to be better than when you run home with your A+ and your parents stick it to the refrigerator and take you out for pizza.


    Pizzas are real, talk is cheap.

    If someone promises to maybe reward me (much later) for something I do for them, I’d be skeptical.

    If that someone doesn’t tell me this himself, but does so through out-dated language via a book containing atrocities I’d just laugh.

    I see you didn’t take me up on the monetary sacrifice. Does this mean that you understand how silly after-death rewards are? One can only hope.

    Oh, and are you saying that god never grants wishes? That he never did so in the bible and that he struggles to appear undetectable?


    Pizza is also cheap and you shouldnt be tricked into helping a friend move for a few slices. If someone you don’t trust (either because they have been untrustworthy in the past or because you do not know them) then yes you should be sceptical. However, if you do trust their word then there is no reason to doubt the reward regardless of how long it takes or the circumstances of how you get it. As for a monetary sacrifice all I can say is that no one has asked me for money in exchange for being saved although I… Read more »


    However, if you do trust their word then there is no reason to doubt the reward regardless of how long it takes or the circumstances of how you get it. The fact that the someone in question even suggests that you only get the reward after you have died (when your brain is destroyed and you can’t receive it) is reason enough to stop trusting such a person. And as for your offer I dont trust your word, spend some time healing the sick and turning water into wine for me and we can talk about that offer again. Why… Read more »