darmok and jalad

darmok and jalad

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    Shaka, when the walls rocked out


    When, exactly, did Jean-Luc Picard abandon his captain’s chair to ROCK OUT?


    That was such a stupid episode. The idea that a culture could become technologically advanced with a language made up of references to a single story is just sad. How do you express concepts like “the circuit breaker is overloaded” or “Polystyrene is more dimensionally stable”

    I understand that SciFi is to some extent about suspension of disbelief, but that’s asking too much.


    im looking forward to sfdebris doing a review on this one


    Temba, his arms wide.


    uhhh, think smaller. How does a culture learn to ONLY communicate by reciting stories WITHOUT creating a language with which to speak them? I mean, if they can understand the individual words and meanings of the phrases they recite, then you’d think they’d understand those same words in a different sentence. The whole idea was flawed from the beginning… or to put it another way, This episode = when the walls fell


    How can you say they didn’t have a language when you heard them speak it?

    It wasn’t that they had no language, it was that they had developed (on top of that language) a method of expression that relied entirely on allegory.

    Sure it’s a little ridiculous, but it was making the statement that all cultures, no matter how different, have myths — many of these myths transcend their cultures of origin, and are universal.

    Alec Dalek



    Just shutup & Enjoy the show. <3

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