canadian navy

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    That’s funny. To US. I have several friends in different parts of Canada, one is a retired Captain in their Airforce (heh) and man, you gotta watch what you say if you wanna stay friends.


    So they don’t have any sense of humor?


    lol, canadian butthurt is very tasty and is a delicacy in my country


    That applies to any Nation’s military men and women…
    Try making levity to a US Marine and see.
    But yes we have a sense of humour, we have to…we live next to you guys.


    Tell your friend that America’s COAST GUARD could kick Canada’s ass all by themselves. LOL


    Yes. Those were my exact words.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Isn’t every Navy gay? I thought that was the reason for having a Navy. To get all the gays out of your country and send them out to sea. Seaman. Seaman in the ocean.


    Oh I forgot to mention, sent it to a few navy pals in Ottawa…
    It’s on their wall now 😉

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What do they sail up that lame ass river when its not frozen over?


    I admit, I laughed. Jokes about the Canadian Forces being under equipped won’t generally offend Canucks, servicemen or otherwise. We crack enough of them ourselves. Jokes about CF being under-trained are the ones that will start fights. The Canadian Forces are small and moderately equipped but very very well trained. The small force size means that it’s just logistically easier to give the troops the kind of instructional support that is needed to bring the typical infantryman up to what is in the US essentially Ranger standard.

    Oh, and that is a Yank aircraft in the pic… An F-14. Even THAT is bigger than our teensy CF-18 jets. : /


    I’d rather take a Hornet over a Tomcat anyways.


    True that…


    Canuck here:

    1) When I was a teenager, way back when, there was a running joke about ‘world’s greatest skeleton navy’ and so on. Most of us are quite aware that we’re not gonna be taking on the world any time soon.

    2) We don’t even have a navy. Or any of that shit, it was all combined together in the 60s because the small size of our military didn’t justify the cost of running our itsy-bitsy little adorable armed forces as several independently-administered entities. The Canadian military is like the sanrio hello kitty of militaries. so so cute and tiny


    Canada has a warship? Like, for war? Does Canada know?

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