Diet snapple – diet peach green tea

This stuff is good.

I love all the flavors in these cans.

I haven’t tried the mango yet.

I assume it’s similar to arizona

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    Alec Dalek


    Luke Magnifico

    Mango doesn’t taste much like Arizona at all.


    I hate all diet stuff. All it does is make what you love taste like crap.

    And most people don’t even realize that it doesn’t even do anything. It only affects you if are overweight and drink that stuff alot alot.


    Nice generic comment, because other beverages clearly do not have an assortment of flavor too…


    actually if you have somethin called type one diabetes (the genetic kind that you dont get from being a fat slob), diet things can be the best thing you have ever found. so yeah, they do something. but nice try.


    I bet you like the semen flavor the best.