wedding fridge

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    If he stays under that ice machine, he could end up…..
    getting the cold shoulder.



    I recently pictured myself stumbling over to this fridge at 3am for a drink, my hair and beard all mashed to one side, my cock half hanging out and… Well I say “recently” but I mean about three hours ago. I’ve only just stopped the screaming long enough to write this.


    GE makes fridges with removable front panels for decorators so they can match the fridge to the rest of the kitchen. Any graphic shop can print anything you like on them – they can even print your face or a still from your favorite movie.

    Anyway – it’s just a regular fridge with a pic pasted on the front – you can even remove the “royals” at a later date and replace them with another graphic.

    Luke Magnifico

    The Ultimate Royal Wedding Refrigerator.

    Implying that there are others?


    If there ever was a time for a facepalm, this is it.

    T.G. Fisher

    That’s fuckin’ sick.