robin was kidnapped

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    Batman, as far as I know, doesn’t drink at all. Most of the bat clan follows a fairly disciplined lifestyle that avoids alcohol. Thus, they’re a bunch of boring health nuts that put on funky clothes so they can beat the shit out of muggers at 3 in the morning.

    That means Harley and Ivy sent the photo to some random person who drinks wine and is wondering why two hot girls tied up a teenage boy in tights and sent photos to him.

    Also, Robin has a camel toe.


    Wine wouldn’t pool like that.

    It’s clearly blood.


    So they sent it to Dracula?


    Bruce drinks sometimes to conform and to display his playboy lifestyle, effectively disguising his alter ego.


    Wow, you’re quick.

    From reading the comics, I’m pretty sure he drinks ginger ale and fakes being tipsy for the disguise. They’ve mentioned several times how much Batman avoids the hooch.

    This is one thing I always liked about the comics. IRL, to attain such a high level of athletic performance, alcohol must be avoided on a religious level.

    But this is Batman, who trains to be the best at everything. So he might practice getting hammered too. He probably practices fighting ninjas while drunk too.


    A glass of red wine a day isn’t bad for you.


    Dear Bruce,

    Having a great time. Give it a couple more days before saving me.

    Love, DG.

    tiki god

    that’s not dick greyson, that’s either tim drake or the new one, damian.

    you can tell by the pants.


    I was originally going to sign it JT (it’s the hair), but then I figured I’d have the opposite problem of people not knowing who the fuck Jason Todd is, so I went with the easy one.


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