Mission Accomplished

for real this time

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    What is even happening to his face. It’s like he got the surface of two bums floating on each side of his head. They’re hairy too, I mean yeah he’s a man after all.

    Looking at flats and trying to patent my idea for portable table lamps.

    I’m going to smack you with one or several limbs. After I have torn them from your body and let my dog chew on them for a bit so I can get a better grip whilst I smack you.

    What have you been doing? I know you want me to play Minecraft, I just need to figure out if I can use Paypal now. I opened an account while I was in Romania but I’m thinking, I probably have to sign up again and pretend I’m a Romanian citizen.

    I don’t take charity. Instead I’m trying to defraud a company because they can’t do their job, just let me do my thing.

    Well while your selfish ass was out looking at “flats” I killed Osama Bin Laden. Then I turn on the news and Obama Bin Sleepin says George Bush’s efforts in the middle east finally paid off and American Jesus soldiers did. In Pakistan. So what…I just killed some guy who worked at Shwarma King? This is the Lillehammer affair all over again.

    Yeah but you’re losing sight of the really important questions here, why does Osama keep getting caught at convenient times, who killed Laura Palmer and how can I get sesame oil out of my white blouse without ruining the material?

    Well really a mild oil solvent should do the trick.

    If its a convenient time then that means
    1)Donald Trump demands long form birth certificate
    2) Obama gets pissed off and releases it and then says…oh and btw here’s Osama’s head too

    Donald Trump killed Osama Bin Laden.


    Use Palmolive or Dawn or whatever bootleg brand of the two you western european scum use.

    Luke Magnifico

    I think he’s meant to be a bunny.


    Why, because it was Easter? I thought maybe an elephant, democrats in the States are elephants I think. Or a deer? Something like that.

    Luke Magnifico

    Maybe a kangaroo.


    This will make an excellent pre-text for going into Iran.