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    69 Responses ttto americans – assholes of the world

    1. Kamakiri says:

      I guess history is really written by the winners. They all keep forgetting about the 2 nukes that were dropped in Japan. Pearl Harbor is nothing compared to that.

    2. Robin Banks says:

      This is why everyone hates America. I’m going to watch some 9/11 videos to cheer myself up

    3. bstaples says:

      Okay a couple of douche-waters on something as irrelevant as facebook makes Americans the “Assholes of the World”.

      How much did other countries donate/help compared to America, I wonder? I’m pretty sure Ahmed Mamoud Bin Al-Muhammed didn’t put down his AK-47 for a second to go paypal some cash to Red Cross.

      We aren’t the greatest people, but Christ, get some perspective before posting this shit.

    4. Nik Pasic says:

      The Pearl Harbor bombing happened 70 years ago. With a minimum age to join the army being 18, you’d be blaming 88+ year olds, of whom the majority are long since dead and taking out that hate on innocent people who’ve had nothing to do with that decision. It’s ignorance of this caliber that makes it difficult to keep faith in humanity.

      @bstaples: Do you actually know the figures America and other countries donated? Furthermore, why are you bringing the Muslim argument into this? The “Assholes of the World” comment does sound like flame bait, but your response is coming off equally as ignorant. For your own benefit, think for a while longer before posting/speaking in the future.

      • bstaples says:

        “For your own benefit, think for a while longer before posting/speaking in the future.”
        Take your own advice (and shove it).

        “How much did other countries donate/help compared to America, I wonder?”
        “How much” part meaning, no, I don’t know the figures. FYI, this is also represented by the “I wonder” part.

        I’m simply pointing out that running around carelessly with explosives and charitable relief donations are on opposite ends. If your country is known more for the former than the latter, how are we the “Assholes of the World”?

    5. ian356094 says:

      Most of these posters aren’t American. There is a better collage picture somewhere that shows what country these people are really from. Only a minority of them are Americans.

      • sample bottle says:

        Who else would get upset about Pearl Harbour, really, it was the American disaster story. No one else cares. It was all American posters.

        • ian356094 says:

          No, there were some Australians who referred to Pearl Harbor I remember.

          • fortyseven says:

            australians have the kokoda trail / darwin line / whales to refer to

          • Nik Pasic says:

            I’m Australian and I called bstplates out for being a jackass. I don’t see how the Pearl Harbor incident can offend Australians to such a degree. It was a tragic war disaster and it put 1941 Australia in danger of attack, but the incident itself wasn’t something that was done to the people of this country. It was a direct attack against the US.

    6. dallasalice says:

      Lord, this is such bullshit. No other country in the world has provided as much support to the victims of this disaster than America. Our military was on the scene immediately and is still there. We’ve provided millions in donations through the American Red Cross alone. Search and Rescue teams along with other volunteers arrived a few days later and some are still there.

      Then again the anti-American trolls here know this, they just have to stir up crap. No different from the morons who wrote the stuff in the picture.

      You’re just alike . . . how proud you must be.

      • Korinthian says:

        Some say that was a political ploy to justify having a military base in Japan.

        How many other countries have military installations in Japan, btw?

        • TGGeko says:

          We’ve always had a military base in Japan ever since WWII

        • dallasalice says:

          None. We defeated them after they attacked us first and then we spent billions to rebuild their country so it is natural we would, with their agreement, have bases there. We are not occupiers – they could ask us to leave and leave we would. Thing is we are close allies and our military there works with the Japanese Defense Forces to provide stability in that part of the world.

          • Korinthian says:

            So it’s their job to do help in Japan?

            Well then, give them a salary instead of praise.

            • dallasalice says:

              No, it’s their job to serve their country – one they volunteered for and because of that deserve both our praise and a living wage. The fact – and it is a fact – that individual service members get great personal satisfaction from helping those in need is a testament to their greatness and to that of our country since we as a people send them to do that. Let’s not forget that American’s give more to charity than any other people (per capita and as a percentage of GDP) in the world much of which is going to Japan and Haiti and other areas in need as I type this.

            • Korinthian says:

              So getting personal satisfaction for doing something is a testament to their greatness? Are you even reading what you’re writing?

              I think it is a good thing USA gives to charity, but let’s be honest here: since the country is in constant war with poorer countries, it’s the least it can do.

              Oh, and do you know if those are secular charities or are they funneled through churches?

    7. outlanderssc says:

      I’ve never met a single American that thinks this way. If Americans were still burnt over Pearl Harbor, why are there so many Japanese cars on American streets? Go to New York City and every other person is Japanese tourist. Americans love the Japanese.

      Every time there is a disaster somewhere, Americans are the first on the scene to help. There are American naval vessels right now off Japan providing supplies, medical aid, power and fresh water. They were there after Haiti, there after the 2004 Tsunami.

      How many foreign countries came to help after Katrina?

      • Korinthian says:

        Do you know how hard it is to get through airport security as a foreigner?

        Of course people didn’t come to help.

        • dallasalice says:

          Seriously? You’re blaming airport security for keeping other nation’s from sending people to help us during a disaster here?

          • Korinthian says:

            Sorry, but if I have to explain jokes to you, perhaps it’d be better if you didn’t respond to me in the future.

            Thanks in advance.

            • dallasalice says:

              It was a joke? Was it sarcasm? If so, they really need to invent a sarcasm tag so it’s easy for people to tell.

            • Korinthian says:

              Or perhaps you just need to get a tad more intelligent.

              I think there are vitamin pills for that (THIS IS A JOKE, there’s no chance of you ever getting smarter).

            • dallasalice says:

              Ahhh, a personal insult . . . a sure sign of intelligence.

              Really, a ton of anger over much of nothing.

            • Korinthian says:

              Stating the obvious to people that have missed it is a sure sign of benevolence, not anger.

              I’m being helpful here, and you’re taking offense.

            • Luke Magnifico says:

              We have a sarcasm tag. It’s ¶.

      • Luke Magnifico says:

        Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami death toll: 14616

        Haiti Earthquake death toll: 23000+

        Hurricane Katrina death toll: 1836

        Figures are approximate.

      • suicydking says:

        Here’s a great article about all the aid we pissed away & declined during Katrina.

        I would hope that I should never encounter an American who thinks this way. However, my facebook feed lit up with privileged, ignorant assholes reposting the Pearl Harbor sentiment after the quakes. I had a similar experience when Haiti got hit with the quake. You’d be surprised how limited some folks world-view is. These are people who are 100% against social welfare in America until we start helping someone else, and then all of a sudden it’s “Why can’t we help our own?”

    8. TGGeko says:

      A perfect example of the flaw in the concept of “deserve”. These people are just grasping at an inane excuse to justify their own apathy towards the issue.

    9. sample bottle says:

      I don’t think you guys get it, these folks are wilfully ignorant and some folks in America seem to take pride in their stupidity, even embrace it. Those are the people I despise, but I despise them worldwide, it’s not just focussed on the USA.

      • Korinthian says:

        Counting tea-partiers, creationists and climate crazies, it’s around 50% of the population, if not more.

        • crewmanguy says:

          I don’t think it’s that high. The groups you mention tend to be among the most vocal, so I can see why it may look like 50%.
          Elements of these groups are the reason the “asshole american” stereotype exists.

          • Korinthian says:

            Yeah, that might be a bit over-blown. Numbers vary depending on if you ask “do you believe god created you” or “do you believe in evolution”, regarding the creationist part of the population (which is probably the largest of the three mentioned).

            It’s pretty significant, though.

    10. RedGe says:

      Red Cross donation per habitant :
      switzerland : 12,85 $
      uk = 1,37$
      netherland : 3$

      usa : 0.72 $

      yeah rigth !

      • dallasalice says:

        Most charitable donations in the USA go to religious charities, not the Red Cross, but much of this religious charitable giving goes to disaster relief. The following is based on 2005 data so it’s a dated but telling none the less.

        Total Giving: Total charitable giving by Americans in 2005 is estimated to have been $260.28 billion, an increase of 2.7 percent (when adjusted for inflation) over 2004.

        Disaster Relief: Americans gave an estimated $7.37 billion for disaster relief in 2005: $5.3 billion for Hurricane Katrina, $1.92 billion for the Tsunami relief, and $0.15 billion for the India-Pakistan earthquake relief.

        Giving to Religious Groups: Americans gave an estimated $93.18 billion to religious organizations in 2005, an increase of 2.5 percent (when adjusted for inflation).

        The reference site is listed below:


        • Korinthian says:

          Giving to religious groups, that’s -25% (number taken right out of thin air) that goes to building churches, printing bibles and going to Africa to say that condoms don’t prevent HIV/aids.

          • dallasalice says:

            I’m going to assume this is sarcasm again, because it has little to do with reality. Religious groups were some of the first groups on the ground during Katrina both in New Orleans and all along the Gulf Coast. Not to mention Haiti which had food, clothing and volunteers there almost immediately.

            But even if you accept that as true, that’s still about $170 billion given to charity by Americans. The Red Cross is just a part of a large charitable entity here.

            • Don’t feed the troll. Korinthian is literally casefag’s evil twin. Just downvote and go about your day as usual.

            • Korinthian says:

              Man, you’re not good at this. That wasn’t sarcasm at all.

              I wasn’t even talking about who was where first. I was talking about how there’s a big chance of charity money donated to religious groups going to other things than you’d expect as a donor.

              So if you’re a charitable person yourself, and if you want your money to go where you intend them to, choose a secular charity.

            • Korinthian says:

              @center: Don’t be bitter about having lost to me before. That’s water under the bridge.

              Every time you make a comment like the one I’m replying to now, I know that I have hurt you deeply.

              I won’t lie and say it makes me feel bad, but nobody likes having a grumpy guy resorting to petty back-talk, right? Surely you’re better than that.

    11. Puulaahi says:

      Fuck Nationalism. Humanity is scum.

    12. Eric Tan says:

      Wait a sec… God’s American now?

    13. Barricade501 says:

      I would like to see the comments left by the friends of this lot. I’m sure their friends and family would be telling them to shut it.

      As it is there are some dumbass Americans out there, but there are also some dumbass Brits, dumbass French and Dumbass Canadian people out there.

      I liken this to a conversation between myself and some dipshit I know just after 9/11. He was basically happy it happened, he felt America deserved it. I basically lost his temper and asked him if each and every individual human being in the towers deserved to die. He said “yeah cuz they’re all Murrican!”. I shook my head in disbelief/disgust and walked away.

    14. teezy weezy says:

      Assholes – the assholes of the world, every country has them, just some are more vocal and have greater access to modern communications.

    15. dekay46 says:

      God bless americunt.

    16. Luke Magnifico says:

      Basically everyone should die except me.

      And those of you who contribute to the goods I consume.

    17. DMYTRIW WDS says:

      To be fair, these people are probably picking through the remains of their trailer in Alabama.

    18. draikyn says:

      so what does a few thousand soldiers at Pearl NHarbour compare to the annihilation of an entire culture? Perhaps Hurricane Katrina was “karma” for the NATIVE Americans.

      And as an Australian, yes I am well aware this applies to us too, with the bushfires of Black Saturday (etc) and recent catastrophic floods of the eastern states perhaps being “karma” for the Australian natives.

      Seriously people, do you really think “karma” has anything to do with this? What makes you all so pompous to think you’re all holier and more righteous than everyone else? EVERYONE has wronged someone, and everyone has been wronged by someone else. You want to get some perspective – there it is. We are all people, individuals, capable of both good and evil. In the eyes of the universe we are all equal, no matter what patch of earth we were born on, nor the genetic profile we are made of; not our beliefs, not our gender, not our sexuality — and ESPECIALLY not the actions of our ancestors — means squat in a truly objective view of the human race.

      The ONLY thing that matters is how we – as individuals – treat the individuals and the world around us. THAT is the universal perspective.

    19. BoozyCoug says:

      Facebook ised to require a .edu email address to join… I miss the days when everyone on FB had at least seen the inside of a university.

    20. actrivi says:

      wow… i feel like people should harass them until they cry. or somehow cause an earthquake to destroy their homes. what utter bastards.

    21. acid_monkey says:

      so if something happens in USA its karma up their asses just for this comments about japan? like the tornados?

    22. Caio says:

      when the earthquake happened, most people in China broke out in wild celebration. My boss forbid even mentioning Japan because that meant the entire place would break out into an instant party.

    23. skndrbg says:

      Half of any western society are liberals. Given that most liberals are assholes, there is thus a huge pool of assholes in any western nation. It is a mammoth extrapolation (more directly stated – an act of stupidity) to define 300+ million Americans based on approx a dozen assholes. The proportion is almost the same to define Canadians using just justin bieber. Libs and math. Wow.

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