audio ads on MCS

I’ve heard about some audio ads on the site, if you run into them, could you please tell me:

1 – where the advert is on the site layout (header, sidebar, before the comments, footer)

2 – what they’re advertising

3 – what size the ad box is, square, rectangle, circular


in unrelated news, a tornado passed by my house this morning.

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    the flashing “100,000th visitor” audio ad popped up on the left sidebar, under your donate button. Not good at eyeballing pixels, but it was a rectangle, 2×7 inches.


    SETI suspends search for alien life
    Bottom Center just about 2×2 inches.
    Scared the piss outa me. 😛


    Yeah it was. Sorry bout that.


    HAHAHAHA One just popped up right above this “11 Responses to audio ads on MCS” under the Title “Tonight for dinner”.


    What are ads?

    Alexis Rose

    Saw one at the top of the site, that same 100, 000 visitor one…7×1/2 inch possibly… I was in another tab so it surprised me…but I won’t sue for mental anguish and damage this time tiki…lol


    Same here, in the header. Flashing 100,000th visitor, rectangular.


    Plus, it was on a different tab than the one I was looking at, so it scared the crap outta me…

    Interestingly, I can be the 100,000th visitor several times a day…


    …and again, in the sidebar.

    Long vertical rectangle, same “100,000th visitor” message.


    …and some more in the header again today. Same one.


    Still happening, Tiki. Any word on when they might go away?

    Same “100,000th visitor” ad.

    In the header.

    With the candlestick.

    Jac H

    top left, about 1″ x 5″ LOUD “YOU HAVE WON!!!!” 1’000’000th visitor BS –

    Truly annoying as hell, glad you’re on it.


    1 – header!
    2 – not sure, but apparently I won!
    3 – rectangle!


    Screenshot. Look on the left.


    The link doesn’t seem to be in my previous post

    Hello, is there anybody out there ?
    Survived Tornado?


    Fucking “dont call my name dont call my name dont call my name dont call my name dont call my name ” and “waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh waka waka eh eh”


    Okay, got a new one, now. It is right before the comments, about 2″ square. Seems to rotate through a string of ads, most of which have no sound, but every few minutes it plays audio along with one for Lysol, and since it is another tab that is in the background, it takes forever to find it. Especially since you have to scroll down the page to find it, and when you have as many tabs open as I do, sometimes you never end up finding it because the commercial is over by the time you find the right… Read more »