stargate battle carrier

so for the first time in nearly 15 years, there’s not going to be a stargate episode coming out next season.  this makes me sad 🙁  SG:U was the best science fiction / space opera on television, and now it’s all over 🙁

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    send hate mail to syfy


    “SG:U was the best science fiction / space opera on television…”

    WOW. Subjective, much?

    Star Trek, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Firefly… SG:U was better than ALL of those shows?

    Or did you just mean, “no other space shows were on, so it’s the best”?


    What he said.

    tiki god

    I sometimes forget that there’s a ton of people on mcs that don’t know english all that well. what I meant was: “it was the only science fiction that was currently being produced at the time of airing that was good”. comparing SG:U to ST: TNG is ludicrous. There’s plenty of other space shows being made afaik, this was just the only one that didn’t suck donkey dick.

    much like your mother in that regard, in that she sucks a lot of dick.


    No other shows were on, so it’s the best… Got it.

    Thanks, God of Tikis 😀

    (Your direct statement had no prepositional phrase qualifying the context of the show beyond it being “on television”. Since you didn’t specify a temporal frame of reference, it could be assumed you intended a broad interpretation of this statement, especially given the popularity of hyperbole on the internet.)


    whothefuckcares. you made a stupid, so now, go away.


    “SG:U was the best science fiction / space opera on television”

    This is an objective statement of fact which can be proven through direct observation, assuming you aren’t a booger-eating retard. Go back to your Jersey Shore marathon, twink.