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Minecraft is a wonderful waste of time. now insert flame below.

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    Oh hey pixels that you can mold your own reality with. The same can be done by going outside!



    Luke Magnifico

    No… it really can’t. Your statement shows a clear misunderstanding of either minecraft or reality.

    Or both.


    ohh burn..

    Luke Magnifico

    Do you think I went too far? I think I went too far.


    Come back when you have chopped down a tree with your bare hands.


    Well, not so much “chopped” as “punched.”

    Luke Magnifico


    It’s a play on words, because your arm is a stump and tree stumps.


    Imagine how great it could be if it wasn’t shitty and incomplete.

    Luke Magnifico

    What do you want that it doesn’t have?

    tiki god


    The Lorax

    What you build is your achievement. The point of the game is that you provide your own goals.

    Luke Magnifico

    It has achievements. I rode a pig off a cliff.

    casemods UID# 667

    I would rather play Counter strike 1.6 than this, and 1.6 is far below my graphic standards.


    I have a hard time believing anything to be below your standards.

    casemods UID# 667

    That doesn’t make sense.


    MC is the a great game to get lost in, I just wish craftbukkit was up to date so I could play on my server.. hopefully it will be updated soon.


    holy shit this game sucks.

    You can filter out the few good things that come from it by going to Youtube, but at the same it sucks that it took those guys endless hours to build those monoliths.