Game of thrones

Finally got to watch the first episode.  I was impressed enough to want to see another episode, if only see see more of the female cast (nsfw)  Also, was happy to see a Stargate Alumni in there, looks like he was ready to show off that new Conan body he’s been working on

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    Can’t wait to see episode 2. I too enjoyed the lovely womenz.


    A “Stargate alumni”? You must be about 12 years old if Jason Mamoa is a “Stargate alumni” to you. And if it takes *him* to give the show credibility for you, instead of, say, Sean Bean, one of the greatest living actors of all time, it also probably takes all the titty to really sell it otherwise you’d tune out. Jason’s character in this show may have some potential simply because the source material and the adaptation is artful enough to overshadow his soggy acting and douchey demeanor. After all, he said only *one* word in the opener. One syllable,… Read more »


    I was under the impression that it wasn’t supposed to be a remake of Dino De Laurentiis’ movie. But a mix of that and the the original source material. According to Robert E. Howards description he looks more like Conan than Arnold did.

    tiki god

    are you saying that Momoa is famous for something other than Stargate? or are you too stupid to know what an alumni is?


    Yeah, he’s famous as being a shitty male model-turned-B-series actor with turns in soaps like Baywatch and North Shore before he ever got to Stargate, which was clearly some ploy to toss in a ‘hunk’ element to the show and dumb it down. SG-1 had a hunk, Christopher Judge, only he also had brains, culture, and intricate backstory. SG:A may be Mamoa’s largest volume of work but it’s not his most popular in the mainstream. He was a gimmick on SG:A as much as Jewel Staite was, and that whole spinoff was really just a throw-away ‘yet another epic villain’… Read more »


    Lena Headey. That is enough.