woman with wolf

woman with wolf

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    Woman has a name, it’s Riese.


    Woman has a name, it’s Ashitaka.


    My aunt had a husky/wolf hybrid. Coolest dog ever.

    Its dead now 🙁

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ve met so many people who think their dog is half wolf. Unless its over 200 pounds, completely introverted, and is uncontrollable at times then its not very likely its half wolf.

    I’ve seen these up close and they’re scary as fuck.


    Wolves can be incredibly long, not always a noticed trait. Their paw pads are huge and they have a lope that allows them to run for days w/out food or water. As you imply, often they simply cannot be trusted as a pet. They’re not tame. When they attack, they are sooooooo fast; it’s unbelievable…and they’re smart as well as clever. I would never turn my back on a wolf.


    Hey there little red riding hood…


    I don’t think little big girls should …