koch suckers

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    To be fair, most of the Teabaggers I know don’t have a clue who the Koch brothers are.

    BTW, the Tea Baggers were up in arms over the thought of touching medicare. Now that the Ryan Plan is going to scale back Medicare, the Teabaggers are going to take to the streets in protest any minute now, right? Right?

    Aaaannnyyy minute now.


    You don’t have to know who someone is to be manipulated by them.


    Yeah – we’re teabaggers. That makes the left teabaggees; you get the sack. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


    Yeah, and I got sharp teeth, too –


    Hate to be a spoiled sport
    but isn’t it pronounced “Coach”?




    Like John Boehner’s name sounds like “Bayner”. Bullshit. I don’t pronounce my friend Joe’s name as “Jay”. As grown ass man should be above petty ass stuff like this and embrace his dick name.


    Truly, embracing one’s dick name is the last step in claiming manhood.

    That is why I am known as Dick W. McShaft.


    The saddest part of your lives is that you don’t even realize that this only makes YOU look bad. It shows the maturity level of the typical ultra lefty. Obviously virgins, since people who have regular sex don’t giggle at the thought of various sex terms. But I guess when you know that already, no one takes you seriously anymore, there is no worry about sinking any lower.

    tiki god

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here, you’re saying that it’s immature and virginmatic to call people names, then you proceed to call people names?

    yeah, that’s maturity for you. right there. you’re the mature one.


    There’s no rationale answer to a group of people who are against generational theft … so dismiss them with a sordid name? They are peaceful, they assemble to listen to speeches, they clean their venues up after their done. Their only “crime” is that they apparently don’t buy into the leftardic narrative.
    If someone is against the Koch brothers because they contribute to groups or causes they believe in, then there must be a shitload of outrage over Soros right?

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