Batman Live unveils characters for $20-million arena tour

Somewhat overshadowed by the calamitous Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the other big-budget superhero stage production, Batman Live, made a splash Tuesday in London with the unveiling of the key characters.

Officially announced in November, the $20-million touring arena show pits Batman and Robin against their rogues gallery in an ambitious production that features a giant video screen, a Joker hot-air balloon, recreations of several Gotham City locations — it takes 20 trucks to haul it all — and a Batmobile created by legendary Formula One designer Gordon Murray.

I’m not sure why, but I feel much better about this project than I ever did about the Spider-Man one.  Perhaps it’s because there’s no sign of goofy-ass costumes and horrible music written by people that have no investments in the characters.  Click through to see some videos.

via Robot 6

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “no sign of goofy-ass costumes”
    did you see the picture?

    john wayne

    yeah, but those are all pretty much in line with what the batman costume look like. did you see the green goblins costume from the spider-man one?

    oh god. it was horrible.


    No, this is more the Joel Schumacher goofy ass costumes, where they could have gone with a look of The Dark Knight or the Arkham Asylum game look. The villians don’t look as bad, especially Poison Ivy & Catwoman.


    Nice Bat-Cod.

    casemods UID# 667

    Hello ivy queen


    This is an interesting mix of Burton and Dozier’s version of several of the characters. Batman there is far too Batman and Robin for my liking, And everything there is influenced by different eras of the comics. This looks like a ton of fun.

    casemods UID# 667

    A “ton of fun” is only to be had by anyone who fucks ivy queen or w/e her name is.


    Yeah the Robin is definitely inspired by the 1992 cartoon and so is the Riddler. I could’ve gone for a different Harley costume but I should be glad she’s in the play at all.

    Joker and Ivy have the weakest costumes, IMHO. Ivy better have good lines or make better use of her curves, and while Joker’s voice is a fine mix between Nicholson and Hammil, I don’t like the way they’re all painting a BIG FUCKING SMILE almost all the way up to their ears on every Joker since Heath’s “scarified smile” came to light (like in Arkham Asylum).


    Clearly you aren’t looking at the same picture…ivy is clearly doing a good job of working those curves


    I wonder how they feel about starving people around the world. I suppose “fusing 2d elements with 3d elements” – as described in the video on the website – was something that was needed far more than helping fight world hunger.


    How ’bout you stop paying for internet service and other mundane shit and fight world hunger then?

    I sure as well ain’t interested in feeding others, and I’m sure it’s not even on the list on the minds of the people that are investing money on this show.