matrix operator

matrix operator

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    Operator I need an exist!



    casemods UID# 667

    If you had a setup like this, wouldn’t you need more than one keyboard?

    Or do most of those screens have only one function and don’t need a mouse or keyboard or anything, like a handheld GPS?

    I assume one is for ship stats, one is radar…

    Maybe they are touch screen as well? I don’t remember the movie very well.


    Well the green scrolling ones are just video of the matrix, and I think the others were part touch screen.

    casemods UID# 667

    I know the matrix screens…but I’m just asking out of sake of argument.

    I mean, what would those screens be if this were real?



    casemods UID# 667



    We shouldn’t over analyze this.

    This setup was created by a Hollywood screenwriter and set designer. It wasn’t designed by someone with an understanding of what they were doing.

    It’s like this in all thing Tv and Film related. Everything is for dramatic effect, not realism. Try watching a TV show about doctors with an actual MD. They will point out how ridiculously inaccurate everything is.

    casemods UID# 667

    Somewhat true.

    But the difference is, computers have unlimited uses and I can think of 100 things I can use one monitor for in my house.

    Wifi antennas, radar, IR cameras, what doors are opened, motion sensors in the house, sound sensors, etc, etc, etc……



    Center three were raw Matrix source code video output, the surrounding 14 were touchscreen with context sensitive readout and input (maps, crew vitals, broad intel, comms). The keyboards were apparently for feeding in raw code, such as getting Skill programs directly loaded in to a user, or equipment dumped into the Matrix source code.

    So yeah, like you guessed.


    Synergy, with a little setup, can handle as many monitors as you throw at it.