serenity – coming storm

serenity - coming storm

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    Perhaps the best TV program ever. A credit to Fox’s ability to blame a show for bad ratings when the network.

    Did not show episodes because of sports.
    Showed a sequential show out of order.
    Bounced the airtime around because of other programs.


    There’s no reason this show wouldn’t have gone on to be a solid long running series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer if it hadn’t been fumbled (intentionally or otherwise) by a network that didn’t care.




    The show was smart. The people who liked it were smart. Good consumers who buy what they’re told… they’re not quite as smart. Viewers of Snookis or whatever is on TV now are worth more and available in greater number… it is the *viewers* who are the product being sold. Those are higher quality product than Firefly viewers. Expect more reality shows, etc… because that’s how the business model works. Support anything that uses new and different business models if you want to see quality happen in a non-accidental fashion.