chinese battle ships

chinese battle ships

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    Not Chinese in design, construction, or commission, but I applaud the effort.


    Probably made with plenty of lead and grossly underpaid labor. I wonder if they’ll sell these at WalMart?


    Not Chinese by any stretch. I think the Soviet Naval flag on the back should be a good hint to the country (and year) of origin.


    The Cyrillic writing on the gangway would be a hint too.


    Not Battle ships by any stretch. Not Even close. those things have ab out as much in common with a battle ship as your civic as with an M1 Abrams.


    Don’t know about the smaller one on the right but the larger ship is a Kirov class missle cruiser. As large as a battleship in terms of size, and very heavily armed but with swarms of missles, ASW rockets and torpedo tubes, instead of big guns.


    The vessel on the right is the guided missile cruiser Moskva. The picture was taken in 1992 at Severomorsk. the Kirov is indeed pretty close to being BB size, but only a little more than half the mass of the Iowa and little more than a quarter of the crew.

    Toe to toe though, yea, this thing could take on several battleships at once…

    So, lets see, not Chinese and not a battleship….


    Right, given that you know, technology was progressed since WWII and all :-P.

    Thanks for the above info


    the kirow (the kyrillic) was an soviet missile cruiser in the late 80’s


    I was going to say something similar, but you saved me the trouble of going through Jane’s Fighting Ships.