Censored for your protection

Censored for your protection

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    This is too fucking real.


    By the way, the follow-up to Louis Thereux’s America’s Most Hated Family is now out. Check it out.


    “one nation under god” does not appear in the Declaration or the Constitution. It was added to the Pledge of allegiance by Xian politicians in 1954 as a way of getting around the sanctions against prayer in public schools.


    why did the Chinese want the US to pray to god?
    …oh…you mean Zionist…and it wasn’t them…it was good old-fashioned McCarthyism in an attempt to root out communists, because “hethen athiest commie bastards!” of course can’t say or or use money printed with words they don’t believe. …didn’t work…now you’re stuck with it. Kind-of like the new idea of printing naked ladies on all american money…so “dem muzlimz” can’t use it. …Actually…I don’t really hate that idea…

    This image is from Nine Inch Nails’ “Survivalism” video, from the album “Year Zero”, which tells the story of a gritty future where Big Brother is a constant, omnipresent force. Here’s a link to the vid: youtu.be/qSsRt_1l740