increases in the national debt

increases in the national debt

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    2008 was the stimulus package, that was drafted by Democrats, including Obama. Just sayin’.

    Congress controls spending by the way.


    Barak Obama took office January 20th, 2009 at noon – 2008 was the Bush administration.


    Obama was a congressman when this was drafted, wasn’t he?
    (I’m not sure when he resigned his congressional office)


    Obama along with McCain, Pelosi, and Harry Reid sat in an office on TV with Bush and hashed out the bailout plan for the great unwashed during the 08 elections. No doubt Bush’s boys had a large hand in that since he enjoyed spending money, but Democrats controlled both houses of Congress that year and as such, had the power to pass or fail any bill they wanted. I suspect the stimulus bill is also included in this chart because the 2008 figure is a lot larger than I’ve seen before. Stimulus was passed ENTIRELY by Democrats in 2009 without… Read more »


    Please, it leaves off 2009 and 2010 and now 2011 where that last red line is quadrupled by the current blue line.

    Barry’s debt for one day dwarfed the total of Bush’s. But hey, I retire next year so I’ll get mine, you youths are the ones who are going to be paying for it. And your kids. And their kids.


    Hmm. So one Dem president during the biggest recession since the great depression trying to dig us out of said recession going against the preceding trend totally nullifies the preceding trend?

    tiki god

    “barry’s” day one debt was thanks to Bush, but you just keep ignorin that and act like it was the democrats that fucked the country and not the republicans.


    Both sides have and are fucking the country trying to promote their side in my opinion. To be impartial, Bush didn’t exactly inherit the best economy from Clinton either. I remember the 80’s being awesome, the 90’s starting to feel the pinch and the 2000’s continuing the trend. The dems are as much at falut as the GOP.


    I will agree with that first sentence. Dems and Reps have been in the two parties tossing power back and forth for so long that they are more concerned with undermining each other than what’s good for the country. They’re both guilty of bullshit. Between the two, however, I do think that the Dems are the lesser evil.


    They should do the same graph, plus the past 3 years, and do it against who controls the budget setters (congress). That would show how irresponsible both sides are which is the correct conclusion to draw. Funny how stats can be arraged and show what the presentor wants to show, not always the truth.


    I do find it odd how the president almost always receives the blame for this sort of stuff…until statistics are brought up to show that the other party is as bad or worse, then the same people turn around and shout “…but Congress…!”


    Selective statistics, ya gotta love ’em. So where are the last three years? Why not show those as well? And what about Congress’ role in these sorts of things, seeing as how they determine the budget? The old adage still holds true: The Republicans are the Stupid Party, but the Democrats, they are the Evil Party. Or to put it more simply, Congress for the last two years of Bush’s term was controlled by the Democrats. Barry started with a Congress that could and did pass anything he wanted. He was even immune from filibusters in the Senate at the… Read more »


    It doesn’t show the last three years because it was made in late 2008. This chart has been bouncing around the internet since then.

    I always love how when people talk about deficits during the Regan and Bush years the Republicans bellow that “it’s all Congress’ fault!” But when they talk about the money spent to keep the economy from collapsing after years of Republican rule – That’s Obama’s fault!


    Yup. That sudden spike in the debt? That’s a massive dig to pull us out of a mess that was brewing for years before Obama went into office or even the Democrat “takeover” of Congress. One thing the chart doesn’t account for, and this makes the numbers look quite a bit less negative for the Reps, is inflation. It doesn’t swing things by a huge amount, but it does make a difference. 900billion now isn’t as much as 900billion would have been in the year the chart started, 1975.


    You do not understand what caused our recent recession. It started long before Bush even thought about running for office.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Probably worth considering what the money is spent on.


    Actually, yes. This is true.

    It’s also worth noting that economic downturns play a large role in the deficit.


    Whatcha dems complaining about? Isn’t it the dems stating that you have to spend money to make things better? According to their standard, reps are pretty good then.

    And that last stimulus package Bush got, half of it was saved for Obama. So shouldn’t that be subtracted out?

    My opinion is they both screw you, you just have to vote for which hole gets screwed.


    Whatcha repubs complaining about? Isn’t it the repubs stating that you have to not spend money to make things better? According to their standard, dems are pretty good then.

    Also, read the graph. The bailouts aren’t included in the final estimate. Subtracting half would make the deficit artificially lower.