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Hmm not very funny or clever.


Seriously though, this is pretty lame. I’m a PC gamer too. I just didn’t think it was very good at all.


Both are idiots.


Zero Punctuation, embrace Yahtzee and his way of hate.
Really funny stuff. Game reviews.


This picture is accurate. There would be no reason to own a console if certain games weren’t exclusive to it.

Note: Mac users do not belong in the master race category.


this post is truth


Is it really that far into the minority to be willing to take the 15%/20% hit in graphic quality in exchange for smoother, simplified operation? It’s very rare that I’m going to put so much time into a title that I want to experience it to the absolute fullest – few games are even good enough to be worth that effort.

I’ll take the minor hit in quality for the process to be as simple as “Receive disc, beat game, return disc” for the overwhelming majority of games.


If you haven’t actually seen Zero Punctuation he’s very much being sarcastic about how superior PC Gaming is to console gaming.

Pay $200 for a console once oooooorrrrr pay hundreds upgrading and reupgrading a PC to keep up with PC game specs. Easily going with the console


That cost analysis is useful only if you will be restricting the use of the PC to things a console can also do (whether if can do them better or not). If you include the things that a powerful PC can do or help you do better that a console can’t, it makes the balance much more even since you can get much more out of a PC. As for games alone, if they would allow a mouse and keyboard to be used for control in games on consoles that already support it hardware wise (firmware/USB ports present), that would… Read more »


Not to mention that you pay ten bucks less for PC games.


I call bullshit. If you didn’t upgrade your PC constantly, you wouldn’t be able to play new games and in some cases, other software. If your ok with never upgrading, then a PC bought 2 years ago would struggle with Starcraft and probably not play Crysis at all. Where as I’m running a PS3 for 3 years now and can play Dragon age 2 or other graphics intensive games as they come out.
My laptop (less then a year old) is fine for web surfing or spreadsheets, but not for heavy duty gaming. It cost more then the PS3 did.


Why on earth would you use a laptop as an example? Why would you use one for gaming? Take those strawmen and stick them up your ass.

I’m playing both Starcraft and DA2 on my 3 year old computer without a hitch. And when I bought it it was not even top of the line.


…but I play both.

Different genres need to be played on the right platforms.



Trying to use an inventory without a mouse is hell, but FPS with analogue sticks is a lot more fun.


and inherently inferior, peasant


But only because some are exclusive to the console.


They need to be played on the “right platforms” because they were made exclusively for said platforms. Not because they’re unplayable somewhere else, given the chance.

The PC can take anything from RPGs, fighting, racing, simulation, RTS, FPS, etc. Consoles now have gone from two face buttons to having almost a keyboard. An uncomfortable crappy one at that.

By the way, FPS with joysticks/gamepads are a fucking sore.

Leave competition to the athletes. You’re talking about videogames and while they’re now socially acceptable trying to turn it into a competition based on where you play them is pussy repellent.


gheddafi go home

Alec Dalek

No that’s Gheydafi, his minister of Ghey.


I belong to the superior race and continually annoy my peasant friends of the dirty race by showing them how much better the games look on my superior hardware.


Watch out. If casemods had friends he’d probably make a comment like this.


No. He would post a photo of himself in some bathroom.


Ah Yahtzee you glorious bastard you.


proud to be a peasant