Garbled video

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I work for a large IT company and sometimes trouble shooting a computer requires the customer taking a photo and sending it too us.

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    My first impression was long the lines of, “So, there’s a language barrier? Not exceptional.” Looking over it, and thoroughly convinced that’s not any existing language other than glitched out English, I’m really freakin’ glad I didn’t have to deal with that issue.

    Were you actually able to talk them through this, or just talk them through the comprehension of how fucked they were?

    casemods UID# 667

    Dude, it’s simple: pravioqs spartqp aptamp buptikn pkwar cknbicurapikn coiman yoqr mksp recejt phat mkriably


    If it was the video card, why would you need to mess with the mobo?

    Was it on-board video?


    Possible buffer overflow. Check RAM for Mem I/O issues. User may have a virus that f’d with some of the hardware. It’s least likely, but possible due to the extent of the error. Fix MBR, R&R the RAM, or a rebuild may solve the problem.


    My first bet is “Dwarvish” (or memory fail)


    This is awesome.

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