firefly suicide

what the fuck do I need to do to get more Firefly?  Also: community is one of the best shows on tv right now.

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    Does this have Chevy Chase in it? I remember watching part of it then getting very angry when he appeared.


    There’s two reasons I love this show

    1 I want to fuck Annie
    2 Troy and Abed are fucking awesome

    And yes, Chevy Chase is in it. I can’t believe how old he looks.

    casemods UID# 667

    Someone doesn’t realize how much shit actors put on their face to look younger in movies.


    I don’t think they put makeup on her tits.


    I think it likely that they do. If you can see it, there’s make-up on it.


    “I want to fuck Annie”
    Yeah she is very smashable.


    2nd this


    Firefly ended in a good place; the movie summed it up justly and Joss Whedon hasn’t expressed an interest in continuing it. To give it more episodes considering the high expectations of the fanbase and current plot would be stupid. It’s reached iconic status, why would you screw it up with a second season that wouldn’t meet the now exaggerated expectations of the show.


    actually Joss Whedon said he would be very interested in doing more episodes if a network every approached him about bringing it back. So did all the cast. Fox is just to stupid to do it

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