wal-marx – always corporate greed

wal-marx - always corporate greed

it’s been a few years since I went into wal-mart while sober.  Last time I was there I was so fucked up on pain killers from my wisdom tooth pain killers taht I bought 5 gallons of cottage cheese.  Turns out that you can use that stuff a whole lot of places, thank god.

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    casemods UID# 667

    Has it been that long since you got them out?

    Also, the first line was funny

    They do get lower prices because they buy in bulk.

    tiki god

    they get their low prices sometimes by buying in bulk, but also by forcing suppliers to sell at a lower cost.


    That doesn’t even make sense.


    I have that t-shirt, it’s one of my favourites!!!


    Communism =/= Capitalism


    Do you guys have even a clue about what Marxism is about, or do you just listen to Glenn Beck?

    Or perhaps, is this just an “act like a stupid fuck and see who notices” troll?


    Never go to Walmart w/o a Walmart bingo card.


    I go to Walmart every few months to stock up on non-food items and it’s always interesting. It’s usually me and my youngest and a few hundred dollars on a late Saturday night. It’s insane that people go out looking the way they do and their kids are w/ them (at midnight or later) wearing nothing more than a diaper.