faye kisses herself

faye kisses herself

one of the few ginger porn stars that I just don’t really like.  she’s tall, red, fair skinned, has great tits and is into some kinky fucking shit, but I just can’t get into her stuff if you know what I mean.

wink wink, I’m talking about masterbating.

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    casemods UID# 667

    I like the pictures where she’s spreading her vag and using that clear dildo.

    That’s all I’ve seen of her


    She is a goddess!


    A year or two ago I was watching the local evening news (I live in L.A.). There was some commotion at a Hollywood club. During the news report, there were a few random shots of the people attending the club that night. In one of these shots was Faye.

    Being a fan of her work, I recognized her immediately, and nearly jumped out of my seat in exclamation. Fortunately, I didn’t. I was having dinner at my parent’s house that evening, and didn’t feel like answering the question, “So how do you know that girl?”