Is Rick Scott lord voldemort?

I think he has a passing resemblance.

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    He looks like a dude who bilked billions from the federal government through medicare fraud and never served a day in prison.

    It must be good to be able to afford lobbyists to pay off your politician friends. Meanwhile, try selling an ounce of weed and not have your door kicked in by SWAT, charged with felonies, lose everything, and then rot in jail.


    Yea, this is a serious problem. A recent report suggests that 25% of medicare is fraud. Until recently there has been little to no investigatory power in medicare. Shameful.

    Oh yea, I live in the state he’s now running. Whoopie.


    Typical republican: Big gov’t entitlement programs don’t work. See, I ripped this one off for 600 million dollars.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    whenever I see someone on here I don’t recognize displayed in a negative way I can guarantee its always someone left wing faggots are afraid of.

    thanks for being consistently stupid and sad. if only we could harness the power of your tears


    Who are you talking about?


    In a word: yes. Yes he is.


    He’s a fucking crook.