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    tiki god

    I dont’ think any amount of KY is going to help this.


    You know what I been talkin’ about honey
    It’s a nice dance, we gotta a nice dance goin’ here
    Now what you gotta do, I’ll tell you what you gotta do
    You got to pretend your face is a Maserati
    It’s a Maserati
    It’s a Maserati
    It’s a gettin’ hotty
    It’s a Maserati, Maserati, Maserati
    It’s a fast one too man, that thing’s turbocharged
    You feel like a little fuel injection honey?
    I’ll tell ya about it, I’ll tell you about it
    I gotta get that hood scoop off, shine and shine and buff
    I’ll check out the hood scoop
    I gotta buff it up, buff it up, buff it up, buff it up, buff it up,
    Yeah, shiny now baby, heh heh heh
    You’ve been drivin’ all night long
    It’s time to put the old Maserati away
    So you look for a garage, you think you see a garage
    Wait a minute, Hey!, there’s one up ahead
    And the damn thing’s open
    Hello! Get in there!

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