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Someone told me this was from the show Red Dwarf, but I never confirmed it. On the other hand, its sheer awesomeness has been well established.


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    Definitely from Red Dwarf. That’s Rimmer’s alter-ego, Ace. From one of the later seasons – 6 or 7.

    tiki god

    I’ve tried watching Red Dwarf a couple times, but it’s worse than Dr Who, which is pretty terrible to watch on it’s own. wtf is with british scifi that sucks so much?

    casemods UID# 667

    And all the other countries hate us…how ironic isn’t it?


    Gashmods – please don’t pretend to understand irony. You’re hillbilly grammar is an indicator of your grasp on our language.

    I’m hoping at least somebody picks up on my sneaky irony there.


    Because it was a comedy, basically taking the piss out of sci-fi shows.


    I can’t believe someone just said Red Dwarf Is bad.


    The clueless think everything good is bad


    Even worse, he called Doctor Who bad…


    The KEY to understanding the show is to watch the first episode. “THE END”. Everything makes sense after that.


    Blasphemy. On both counts.


    “Smoke me a kipper i’ll be back for breakfast.” Ace Rimmer
    All the Rimmers from the multiverse became Ace in the end.

    casemods UID# 667

    Looks kind of fake to me…


    It’s from RedDwarf series 7 episode 2:


    ugh… that didn’t work as I’d hoped.

    It’s typical BBC low budget, low quality FX, and totally worth watching.


    Nice floater and bottom turn.

    Alexis Rose

    “He’s Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer…He’s also a fantastic swimmer…he’s handsome, trim and no one slimmer, and he will never need a zimmer!”


    yes! Ace Rimmer. *sigh* What a guy!


    Ace Rimmer is awesome. Also, Tiki, if you’re watching Red Dwarf for sci-fi you’re missing the point. It’s wacky comedy disguised as sci-fi. Very low budget pure genius.

    Here’s a video of the pic above.


    The low budget, cheesy SFX, and totally random fake-science babble are what made the show great. 🙂


    Dr Who is almost as big stateside as it is here. Red dwarf was great, shame they never made the movie.


    They did, in a fashion.

    The channel Dave did one that was broadcast in three episodes. The Red Dwarf crew come to Earth where they find out that they where a TV show.

    It was pretty good. Graphics budget was a bit bigger but it still had a lot of the old charm. There where rumors as well that they where going to put another series together but I don’t know what became of that.


    Yup, the new series is still on. Dave is funding it after the 3 parter they paid for was the highest viewing figures they’ve ever had!

    Last I heard they are waiting for a gap in everyones schedule to get it done.

    Follow @bobbyllew (Kriten) on twitter for the sporadic updates.

    On a related note, I saw the episode ‘Marooned’ ( ) being filmed at Manchester – funniest shit I ever saw. The out-takes were epic.

    And yes, it really was Dog Food and Bonjella Mouth Ointment :-S (they prepared it in front of us).


    Ace Rimmer- Smoke Me a Kipper- I’ll Be Back For Breakfast. BEST BBC show ever.


    Show was awesome until they did Back to Earth.
    That just sucked.


    Series was pretty much done when they did Back to Earth. That was just sort of a reunion special. It was still lots better than the 2 pilot attempts at American remakes of the series…


    duane dibly?!?!

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