X-Men First Class

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Still from the trailer.

Magneto. Lifting a sub. Out of the ocean. While in the jet.

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    dumb. this movie is dumb. the cast is dumb. the array of chosen characters is dumb. fox is dumb for killing xmen.


    Both you and I will still see it, though 🙁


    Even though passable, I still found the first two X-Men movies lacking, they left me indifferent, partially because of a basic thing, no Gambit or Beast? C’mon!

    Now this… this is just a shameless cash-in, in case anyone ever wondered about Wolverine: Origins being one.


    So, what this scene is really saying is that the X-Men’s Blackbird has the structural integrity and thruster capacity to lift a fucking sub out of the ocean. Suspension of disbelief, kids. I can accept that Magneto can levitate a metal submarine but just like Superman lifting a tanker over his head while standing on wet mud without sinking up to his neck, there’s some very basic physics exterior to the characters that needs to be acknowledged.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That may be true for Superman, but with Magneto’s powers, I don’t think you can assume that he is the center of force. Instead of thinking of the submarine being lifted out of the water, Magneto could be manipulating the Earth’s magnetic field in such a way to push the submarine up towards him. So no force needs to be applied to either Magneto or the jet.
    Or some bullshit like that.


    Also, Superman levitates pretty much anything as easily as his own body. Or so I’ve heard.

    Comic book facts are fun!

    tiki god

    what? no.

    magneto controls magnetic fields, it’s not like those fields put any kind of structural load on him.

    and your superman analogy sucks, cause he can fly. how did you forget that?

    This one has 5 writers. 5. That’s not a good sign. Matthew Vaughn is pretty talented but wtf. 1 A lister (Singer) 3 TV stooges off shit like Chuck (seriously), and Vaughn’s pink haired go to girl who is anti-talented.

    I like the trailer but there’s no way a good script could have survived a gang rape like that without tearing something.