A-10 Gun

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While I am morally opposed to war, and all the tools and implements of its conduct, even I have to admit these things are fucking awesome.

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    One of the best aircraft ever made. To bad all the chairforce wants are drones, and miligazzilion dollar “multi-purpose” fighters that fly to damned fast to actually help the troops on the ground. The couple of times we had close air support from F-16s when shit went down, I was more worried that they were going to blow up me/my guys then I was worried about Hajji shooting us. They move to damned fast to keep track of where we were/want buildings we were in, and were to high to see our IR identification. I would have felt a hell… Read more »


    That’s actually a myth about the A-10 gun causing a stall. It would only happen if you were literally 1kt above the stall speed, flying straight and level, then fired the gun. This is (obviously) never done. Stuff to consider: 1. The average thrust of the engines on an A-10 is about 18,000Lb. The recoil of the gun is only about 10,000Lb. 2. The gun is fired in a dive. 3. The gun would still have to overcome the momentum of the pane in motion. The A-10 has enough ammo on board to fire continuously at 3900RPM for 18.06 seconds.… Read more »


    @ zasz^

    So it is possible.

    but clearly I spoke as a ground pounder, not as someone who has ever flown/serviced them… Great Gun. Nothing like building a plane around a gun. and the holes it puts into tanks is impressive.


    if Godzilla or Mothra show up- we’ll be needing these.


    ” . . . morally opposed to war” is an awfully broad statement. So a war to liberate people or in defense of your own country would be something you would oppose?

    The A-10 is an awesome weapon system and although designed to attack tanks it works well in almost any close-air support mission.