Non-Terrestrial Anaglyphs 1

2N129824780EFF0426P1868R0M1-anaglyph.jpg (431 KB)

2n129824874eff0426p1883r0m1-anaglyph.jpg (325 KB)

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You need red/cyan glasses.

These were all taken by/of various Mars rovers.

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    casemods UID# 667

    Damn it.

    Ross was having a sale on magenta/yellow glasses.

    The red/cyan were regular priced.

    I’ll see if I can switch the tags on a new employee who doesn’t know any better.

    tiki god

    I own a pair of the red/blue glasses, but the damn red it too dark and it washes out the picture and causes eye strain. worst $4 I ever spent.


    This is why I keep my Spy Kids 3D glasses near my computer. That last image is boss in 3D.


    heh, I have this book. wait a second, if i still have it, I probably still have the glasses, which means…



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