Religions in perspective

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And still, they’re all fucking wrong

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    no, the third one is like a bollywood remake

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Heheh…  Only to those stuck at the second one!  😉


    Everybody is wrong but you, then?


    If you don’t drive American you drive with Hitler!


    “Let’s base our religion on the example set by someone that would kill his own child to please the voice in his head!”


    Technically Christians are free to pick and choose which parts of the “first movie” they like or don’t like because their god basically said, “Whoops. Guess I’m not infallible. I take back all my old vengeful ‘n’ jealous god stuff, and let’s just say we start over since you killed my-son-who-is-also-me.” My new testament knowledge is weaker than old, but I think it’s Mark 7:something. That’s why Christians ignore stuff in the old testament like selling your daughter into slavery or cutting off a woman’s hand for touching your balls, but still take the parts that are anti-homosexual or just… Read more »


    They ignore the Old Testament because they live in a modern society. Jesus himself said that none of the old laws should be ignored.

    Stoning children is illegal, so Christians choose to obey man’s law, rather than their god’s.

    Also, I suspect that they know their god is batshit crazy.



    I have been saying this quote for years, just note tired to well into a movie theme.

    Except for the mormon part, which makes it even better.

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