Cheetahs Play With A Young Impala

cheetahs_letting_tiny_antelope_go_01.jpg (86 KB)

cheetahs_letting_tiny_antelope_go_02.jpg (78 KB)

cheetahs_letting_tiny_antelope_go_03.jpg (124 KB)

cheetahs_letting_tiny_antelope_go_04.jpg (53 KB)

But in a nice way.

Apparently they chased a group of impala and this little one got left behind. Rather than eat it as you’d expect they spent about 15 minutes playing with it before it ran off unharmed. I guess they weren’t hungry.

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    This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.


    And then one day they chased it down mercilessly and ate it.

    Because they’re a bunch of cheetahs.


    Of course they weren’t going to eat him. In the first pic you can clearly see that they’re baptizing him. He’s now an honorary cheetah. If they ate him they’d be cannibals.


    It’s like African Fox and the Hound, with a much bigger letdown at the end, though.


    Nope, those are the smartest cheetahs ever and that’s a trojan impala.
    Now that the little impala is trained and all Stockholm-syndromed into believing that cheetha’s are friendly, all the cheetah’s have to do is lie back and wait for their ‘little friend’ to bring dinner to THEM.

    On a related note, cheetah obesity is predicted to be on the rise

    casemods UID# 667

    LOL funny but fake.

    Same expression in each picture

    The last one seems legit as he’s running away, then they copied his face from that.

    Snuggling with the prey…yah right


    Reality`s a bitch.

    the Daily Mail made the story up and the cheetahs actually ate the baby impala after all.

    casemods UID# 667

    No shit.


    Never saw that coming. Especially with one of them licking the creature’s neck.


    Who says there’s no cruelty in nature?


    Even if the pics were real, notice how freaked the hell out it looks?


    Nature and evolution are, just are.


    Civilized… in a way. Leopards would have killed it all the same. They kill needlessly. Ha known one leopard to kill four goats. And it carried only one up a tree.