I asked a girl out to the prom…

The day of the prom, I go to a tailor to get a new suit- there was a long line. Next, I went to a limo service to rent a limo- there was an even longer line there. Next, I went to a flower shop to get the girl a batch of roses before picking her up- there was AN EVEN LONGER LINE there.

I pick her up and we go to the prom, there is a line to the entrance that soon resides. We go to the photo shoot to get a photo together, there is a line there too. We get hungry and decide to get food, there is a line there as well. We get thirsty, there is no punchline.

via reddit.

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    Wait…wait for it. AHHAH I get it.


    I’ll be honest. if there’s an especially witty subtext to ‘get,’ I am missing it. I’m home from work sick as a dog, so I’ll forgive myself, but I’d still like to be in on the joke. So can you explain it for me?


    They get thirsty, and go get some drinks. In this case, punch. There is no line for the punch.


    That’s really it? Okay, I no longer feel bad for missing it.


    these jokes do a horrible job of promoting tiki’s other site.


    you just wasted 30s of my life -_-


    I thought it was a pretty good one.

    Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.