The World…

world_according_to_americans_large.png (271 KB)

…according to a group of Americans who turned out to be unexpectedly good at geography, derailing our attempt to illustrate their country’s attitude toward the rest of the world.

Gibraltar FTW.

Source: xkcd,

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    I got to admit, this was kinda lame




    Nah, like the Antarctic comment. And as to Africa, how many times have the names and borders changed?I know my grade school report on Africa is way off now.


    I know. Like what the fuck is up with those new South Sudanese people. That totally fucks up my globe and google maps. Just because you don’t like a little gang rape from Islamic fundamentalists doesn’t mean you get to vote to make yourselves a new country. Quit being selfish and think about the rest of the world.

    It’s bad enough that I have to have one globe that has Burma and another that says Myanmar.


    Yeah but here’s the thing: If I didn’t remember every country and capital and if I couldn’t do a flag pop quiz with at least an 80 the nuns and deacons smacked on my wrists for about 20 minutes. Look, I hope that in the States the middle east is in the news every day, because since the early 90s America’s direct and indirect actions in the middle east have been in the news every day. Literally every fucking day. There is no excuse for anyone alive who isn’t living in a hut to not know the middle east. And… Read more »