New spider-man movie image

oh yay, they’re rebooting it.  Why do they feel that we need to see his angsty original story yet again?  why not just continue the damn story from where it was and give us a character that actually grows and has continuity?


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    Continuity in movies? Man, you don’t even get that in TV-shows (with a very few notable exceptions).

    tiki god

    all I’m asking is that they at least acknowledge there was a previous film instead of restarting every god damn time they get a new actor.


    I’m glad they’re rebooting it… I hope this movie will give spider-man justice.


    They have to redo the movies. Disney bought out Marvel and they don’t have full rights to the most recent trilogy. Disney wants to redo the movies so they can make a buck off of it. And they also are redoing a lot of the super hero movies to set up ties into the Avenger’s Series that they have planned to come out in the next couple of years. It’s why they redid Hulk with such a fast turn around. And yes, it sucks. I wish they’d keep continuity, too, especially with the same actors playing the same roles. But… Read more »


    Although not the best movie, Batman Forever wasn’t a reboot and still managed to “continue” the legacy, instead of calling it quits.

    I feel there’s little to improve upon the first 2 Spider-Man movies (although a HOT Mary Jane would be welcomed), so a reboot is kind of redundant. A sequel, that doesn’t have to be a real sequel, that doesn’t repeat an already-seen-in-movies villain should be more than enough.

    No Emo-Parker please.


    The previous director kinda fucked things up with the 3rd movie. And having Mary Jane as a whiny “damsel in distress” type character. A reboot is good to kinda wipe the slate of that fiasco. Maybe we’ll get Venom in one of the movies as he was damn well supposed to be rather than the scrawny little gimp played by Topher Grace.


    The last movie made a royal mess of things (evil Peter Parker doing a tap dancing routine in a club, siriously?), and my impression is that the lead actors were all getting too big and self-important for the roles, hence the unnecessary “reboot”.

    p.s. everyone’s replaceable except J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

    tiki god

    none of that made retelling the same story necessary. all they had to do was point at a guy in a spider-man suit and say “hey, that guy? he’s spider-man, you know how he got here, if you don’t, buy the dvd, now here’s a new story with mysterio and the vulture”

    but instead, they’re going to redo his origin story.



    Going have to see the trailer before I either hate or like it


    They tried that new actor/new storyline while acknowledging the original with Hulk. While the second Hulk movie was a lot better, it also made it hard for me to care about the characters. They’re going to do the same thing, again, for the Avengers movie with yet another Hulk.

    Then you have stuff like Superman Returns, Batman Forever… I doubt they’re going to do the whole long origin this time, but if they make it something like the original Batman, where we’re introduced to the character without a long backstory, then it could work.


    Isn’t Marvel owned by Disney now? How good can it be.

    tiki god

    marvel doesn’t have the film rights


    The whole new marvel relaunch is based on the Marvel Ultimate Universe Stories… thats why in Iron Man Nick Fury is black, and why Peter Parker is a much younger character. Disney had nothing but pink girly crap and nothing to appeal to the male generation. When they bought out Marvel for movie rights and launched this franchise scheme, they knew exactly what they were going to make in profits for those who don’t actually know the background stories of silver age comics. I say fuck Ultimate Universe Stories and stick to the original!

    tiki god

    yeah, but this isn’t part of the unified marvel movie universe. nor was / is the hulk franchise, the x-men nor the fantastic four.

    marvel doesn’t own the film rights to those properties, various other companies do, and this is why we’ll likely never see iron man giving spider-man his iron-spider suit or seeing iron man hulk busting.


    Did your original comment disappear, Tiki? Something weird is up.


    Hulk is part of the Marvel movieverse.