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As a mad racing game fan I lashed out on a PS3 when GT5 came out last month. Whilst the game is OK, just, it’s not the best racing/car porn game available on consoles. It’s not even the best on the PS3 – at least Uncharted 1 & 2 are fun!

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    Forza 4!


    I have to admit I was mental over the first two then didnt bother with the others till this – I played it for 3 weeks a ton and IMO it is the best racing game but I barely spend an hour on it now, occasional 40 mins then can’t be assed 🙁

    Pricey with wheel too


    they play it up to be this great beautiful racing game, maybe it was 2 years ago but now its fail


    Who wants a driving simulator when you can play NFS Hot Pursuit? It’s fun to fucking trash cars. I got it a few days ago and love it, and I generally hate driving games.


    ya, PS3 is the shit, but this game sucks balls, im on my way to trade it for NFS Hot Pursuit.

    Alec Dalek

    The PS3 is shit alright.


    It’s not that bad.I havent spent near as much time as I did on the PS2 Colin McRae Rally game, but it is pretty cool. NFS Hot pursuit is lame compared to NFS Shift, which I finished in 24 hours.