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But, but! Free will! Satan! Bad logic!


Respect: Achieved!


ok i’ll bite

Because that “worm” was specifically designed and made to dick human eyeballs over right from the beginning? That’s its one job. Merciful God created it to skullfuck right after he created the beautiful horizon.

I’d also like to present Defense Exhibit A: the axiom that states that “flipping off a camera is an act of severe douchebaggery and so therefore fuck that guy”




I have no idea what your point was with the worm. So… yeah.

Uhm… I don’t think he was actually flipping off the camera, I think it’s just an unfortunate frame from one of his documentaries when he was explaining something.


Try reading his statement then.

He can’t credit a creator with the beauty of nature because that same God “created the worm” that is currently in some African kid “boring through his eyeball”.


Still don’t get your point.

fracked again

Yeah. A True Christian gives thanks for the little worm ridden kid as an example of how bad shit can get and therefore how thankful we should be that we don’t have loa loa or any other eye nibblers. Yes, a truely good god is one that inflicts horrible disease on his creation to show his love.

How dare you not see God’s goodness in the suffering of a blameless child.


My point is “Were we created?” and “Why does God allow suffering?” is two very different talking points.
You can’t deny credit from God for creating that beach and sunset because someone, somewhere, is getting dicked over. As if God specifically created your torture device with the sole purpose of making you suffer.

If I spent my paycheck on booze and blow, and now my family is starving how does that show God didn’t create Alpha Centari?


You’re confused. The point is simply this: if you want to give your god credit for the good things in nature, you must also give credit to the bad.

fracked again

There are other, better reasons to argue against creationism, both new and old earth. This is a specific argument against a benevolent creator. There is no reason to worship a god cruel enough to create parasites.

If god created everything, then god created parasites with no other means of gathering nutrition or reproducing than causing excessive harm to other creatures.

Yea, we are most loved, for God gave his only begotten son … a case of tapeworms.


right- he’s saying he can’t wrap his head around the concept, so he just sticks to documenting the actual awesomeness of nature and leaves it to the viewer to do what they want with the rest of it.
The disconnect we are having with you is coming from the fact that this guy is awesome, and has made the choice not to burden his nature show with religious “crediting,” whereas you seem to think he is being stupid or something.


He can do whatever the hell he wants with his show. I don’t think he’s stupid, I think his reasoning is. If God created animals, insects, and yea even microorganisms, then yea, they’re alive and they need to eat. Why stop at parasites? God made wildebeests tasty and slow, lions come and FSU. That’s proof of “no merciful God”? I’m not being the batty, retard christian here. Say you don’t believe in God or say you don’t believe in a caring God. I’m just saying denying credit for creative works (not sharing responsibility as Korinthian states) just because something or… Read more »


The point. It’s gone over your head.


I came here to say that David Attenborough intentionally flipping the bird to a camera would be like a judge waggling his cock at the defendant during session. As funny or well-deserved as it may be, it’s not going to happen.


“Because that “worm” was specifically designed and made to dick human eyeballs over right from the beginning? That’s its one job. Merciful God created it to skullfuck right after he created the beautiful horizon.” Sarcasm? Because it is hard to tell. Since God is supposes to be “all knowing” and “all powerful” even if the worm didn’t start out skull fucking people, God knows all and knew it would eventually turn into such a parasite. Basically the same premise that God created evil. Either God purposely created evil or God is not all knowing/all powerful. And either way the popular… Read more »


What I find funny is that the people who are suffering from these ailments, and have reasons to lose faith, are the ones who are actually religious and then there are people who live comfortably in modernized society that bash religion for being the scourge of humanity


Education is a factor too. And I have no problem with bashing if it is deserved.


If there is a God, then he is clearly a racist bastard.


and god really fucks with the people in the most holy of places. go figure. god is a dick.


Flipping off cameras doesn’t instantly make one a douchebag. I cite the example of Johnny Cash, proven awesome dude. S’all about context folks.